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The Schutz Heiliggruppe pursued the Red Skull and his Skeleton Crew in an attempt to have him tried for war crimes.[3] The group was stopped by Arnim Zola's duplicates of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.

After realizing the dupe, Vormund continued his pursuit, running into Captain America. The two worked together until learning that Schmidt had been apparently killed by Scourge.[4]

Vormund later was assigned to investigate the murder of several superheroes. His teammate Zeitgeist was revealed as the Everyman. Vormund used his powers to redirect Everyman's sword, killing him.[5]

Powers and Abilities

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Vormund is able to absorb and redirect kinetic energy. He uses this to augment his strength and endurance.


Vormund is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant.



Vormund uses a variety of weapons:

  • Expandable nets
  • Oiled ball bearings
  • Cable gun


  • Renamed Freedom Fighter in German publishing.

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