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Marla Drake was a wealthy socialite who lived in an expensive apartment with her housemaid (and close confidant), Francine and her beloved pet cat, Perie Purr. Her life was quite empty that she regarded it as a major crisis when she another woman was planning to attend a costume ball in a costume similar to hers.

At the suggestion of Francine, she switches to the panther skin left to her by her deceased uncle, which had previously been worn as a ceremonial robe by an African witch doctor. Oddly enough, it fit perfectly -- incredibly perfectly. She never, however, arrived at the party as she got involved on the way in an adventure with an escaped murderer called Killer Dawson. Newspaper coverage of the event dubbed the mystery woman the "Black Fury." After a few weeks Drake switches her identity to that of Miss Fury.

While the costume did not seem to confer any extraordinary powers upon her, a Brazilian named Albino Jo tells her that the costume is cursed with strange powers and can actually work miracles. The costumes curse may have had something to do with Drake's new outlook, as Miss Fury habitually did things that most bored society women would never dream of!


Another of her trusted confidants, was the doorman to her building, a man known as Cappy. Cappy would often help her to foil a crime or two or just keep her secrets.

While operating as Miss Fury, Marla's fiance Gary Hale was opposed to the female vigilante, thinking that she was a greater threat to society than the criminals she fought against. Also while operating as Miss Fury, she gained the attention of Detective Dan Carey. Both men vied for her affections and attentions.

Later Marla and Gary broke up and he supposedly married another woman.

Among Miss Fury's enemies in subsequent adventures were the one-armed German General Bruno Beitz, who commanded a battalion of German troops from inside a hollowed-out mountain in Brazil; the platinum blonde Baroness Erica von Kampf, Doctor Diman Sarafg, a mad scientist and Charles "Whiffy" Villon, a cross-dressing gangster.

In Brazil Miss Fury rescued a boy named Darron, which she attempted to adopt. Darron, was the son of her enemy, Baroness Erica von Kampf and her former fiance, Gary Hale; however, Marla was completely unaware of the boy's parentage at the time. At first she was unable to adopt the boy due to her unmarried status, but she prevailed and she was able to legally adopt him later. Marla's confidant and former maid, Francine, became the boy's nanny when she completed the adoption process.

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For the most part, her later exploits and adventures have yet to be recorded. It is known that she participated in the Battle of Berlin in the spring of 1945, as one of the many heroes who banded together to liberate Berlin from Nazi control.[1]


No known paranormal powers


Miss Fury possessed tremendous athleticism and fighting ability


She sometimes used the spiked heels on her costume as weapons in addition to using a whip.

Marla Drake was a very wealthy woman

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