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Quote1.png You are someone! You're exactly what you've chosen to be—a strong man determined to make up for the evil you once did. You're not Lockley or Grant or even Moon Knight—they're just your tools ... names and identities you use to accomplish your goal. Quote2.png
Marlene Alraune[src]


Early Life

Marlene Alraune was the daughter of Dr. Peter Alraune, a noted archaeologist. Marlene studied art history in college gaining a BA. While there she befriend her classmate Donna Kraft. At college she married Eric Fontaine, but their marriage lasted only a brief time for reasons that have yet to be revealed.[6]

Tomb of Seti

Her father spent five years searching for ancient Egyptian archaeologist artifacts in the Sudan, just south of the present day Egyptian border. Marlene joined him in his work in the Sudan. Near the town of Selima, Doctor Alraune discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh Seti II. The mercenary terrorist Bushman learned about Doctor Alraune's discovery and planned to attack Selima and steal whatever treasures the archaeologist had found. During Bushman's raid on Selima, Bushman savagely murdered the archaeologist. Spector punched the Bushman to protect Alraune's daughter Marlene. Furious Bushman mortally wounded him in the desert, killing everyone in the place except for Marlene, Frenchie and a villager willing to tell him the secrets of the tomb. While lying near death, Spector encountered the spirit of Khonshu and adopted the identity of Moon Knight.[7][8][9]

Moon Knight

Marlene began to fall in love with Spector, and they both returned to America. There Spector became the masked crimefighter known as Moon Knight. As Spector's confidante, Marlene encouraged his development of the Moon Knight's identity. Then, Spector began using his Steven Grant persona as a financier and Jake Lockley as a cab driver, whose purpose was to gather information at street level. Marlene and "Grant" took up residence in a mansion in Long Island, New York, where she was both his lover and personal secretary.[7] Marlene often participated in Moon Knight's crime-fighting missions, sometimes as an undercover agent against the likes of Conquer-Lord,[10] Fenton Crane,[11] Lupinar,[12] Hatchet Man,[13] Bushman,[7] Skid-Row Slasher,[14] Midnight Man,[15] and the Committee.[16] After Marc went insane when Bushmen destroyed the Statue of Khonshu, Marlene provided him with another statue claiming Bushman destroyed a fake.[17] She also helped in a missions against Cobra[18] and Rat Pack.[19] She hired Luke Cage and Iron Fist to track down Moon Knight when they were concerned about his well being.[20]

Her brother Dr. Peter Alraune, Jr., tested an experimental drug on patient Robert Markham transforming him into Morpheus. After he nearly killed Peter, Marlene and Moon Knight defeated Morpheus.[21] Marlene helped infiltrate Arsenal's Third World Slayers network. She defeated Arsenal's bodyguards while Moon Knight bested Arsenal.[22] When Morpheus returned, her brother Peter sacrificed his life to bring his former patients power under control, losing her last living relative.[23] She was once possessed by the ancient Egyptian mage Amutef for a necklace bound to her soul, but with the help of Dr. Stephen Strange they was able to banish her spirit. She was severely injured on one of these missions but underwent a complete recovery.[24] Marlene preferred Spector's more refined "Steven Grant" persona to the others he used, and she was increasingly distressed by his schizophrenia. Eventually, to Marlene's relief, Spector seemingly overcame his schizophrenia and still later, gave up his Moon Knight career. He then led a peaceful life as Marc Spector, with the lifestyle of Steven Grant.[25]

Leaving Marc/Steven

However, upon having a vision of Khonshu, Spector felt himself compelled to return to Sudan. Unwilling to see him return to his life of violence and multiple personalities, Marlene told Spector that she would leave him if he went. He left nevertheless, and Marlene moved out of his Long Island mansion.[26] Marlene enrolled in the university to study social work and went back to her husband, Eric Fontaine,[4] who was now confined to a wheelchair.[27] Later, she became a social worker at the Seaview Research Hospital.[28]


After a while, she left Eric again and returned to Steven/Marc who once again operated as Moon Knight out of his Long Island mansion.[29] She was kidnapped by Bushman and taken to the African nation of Burunda, Moon Knight and Frenchie came to her rescue and took her home.[30] Frenchie was left badly injured. Moon Knight was forced to work alone while Marlene took Frenchie to his doctor visits.[31] When Marc is arrested on put on trial in Bosqueverde, they traveled their to rescue him.[32] She also helped in a mission against the Secret Empire.[33] After Randall nearly killed Marlene, she left Steven/Marc and recommended her friend Donna Kraft as her replacement at SpectorCorp. She left to work for Seth Phalkon at PhalkonCorp, which was a front for secret a group of Knights Templar created to protect the Hellbent. Marlene became the president and mergers of acquisitions and assigned her to purchase SpcectorCorp, secretly conferring with Donna. However when she learned the truth she helped the SpectorCorp sale to Donna and herself to protect it. Shortly after Moon Knight died fighting Phalkon, leaving her crippled with grief but with hope he would return again.[34]

After their many adventures together she no longer cared what Marc called himself, she was in love with every personality, but Jake became the dominant voice.[35] After battling his brother Marc declared that Jake was dead and that he was Marc Spector once again.[36]


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They stayed together for a while, but soon agreed to live separate lives, since Marc's lifestyle constantly endangered Marlene's life.[37] She lived in the suburbs when Ryan Trent posed as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent questioned her about Spector.[38] Sometime later, Marc reappeared to Marlene, this time in his Jake Lockley persona, and the two became romantically involved again, even conceiving a child together. This was all hidden from the other personalities, till Sun King and Bushman appeared in Marlene's house and discovered the truth, using this secret to manipulate Marc. They forced Marlene to get Marc to her house, and revealed to him Diatrice's existence.[37] After a fight, the villains escaped with Marlene and decided to use her to lure Moon Knight to Isla Ra.[39] Following the Sun King's defeat, Marlene nursed the injuries Marc had sustained during his final combat against him.[40]

Before long, Khonshu sensed Mephisto's plans for world domination, leading Marc to leave his family and fight by his god's side to prevent that from coming true. When Khonshu succumbed to madness, however, Marc had to turn against him and help the Avengers defeat him.[41] Following Khonshu's imprisonment, Marlene took Diatrice overseas and told Marc to leave them alone, claiming he was dangerous.[42]


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Marlene is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, a skilled sharpshooter, talented gymnast, and a trained hypnotist.[43] She can also play piano.[44]



Marlene sometimes carried a .44 magnum pistol.

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