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Marlene Blackgar's mutant powers surfaced at birth, and she turned her mother to stone. Marlene's father, Dr. Miles Blackgar, performed gruesome experiments on living specimens and had Castle Russoff shipped stone by stone from Transia to gain access to the Darkhold, all in the name of ridding Marlene of her powers.[1]

Marlene grew to hate her father and was happy when Castle Russoff's heir, Jacob Russoff, the Werewolf, crippled her father. Refusing his offer to help her, he turned the Werewolf and all her father's creations into stone.[1]

Marlene later reconciled with her now wheelchair-bound father and the two conspired to steal back the Darkhold from Werewolf. They met their end when they looked into a mirror at Jacks house, Marlene's powers turning them both to stone.[2][1]



Marlene's gaze could turn people into immobile stone. While immobilized, her victim's could still think, making the process of being transformed that much more torturous. It is unknown how long a victim could live in this condition.



Marlene wore a special pair of glasses which was able to nullify her powers.

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