Marlene in the 70s

Decades ago, Marlene Fisk lived in Hell's Kitchen, New York, with her husband Bill and their son Wilson. Bill ran for city councilman and lost, putting him in debt to Mr. Rigoletto and the Italian mob. When Marlene lamented what a poor decision it was to borrow money from Rigoletto, Bill became physically violent with her. Willy finally snapped after hearing his mother's beating, and took a hammer to his father's skull. Marlene covered for Willy, cutting up her husband's body and slowly disposing of it in small bags out to the river. Because the neighborhood knew Bill Fisk was in debt to Rigoletto, no one looked too closely at his suddenly disappearance, and assumed he merely ran out on his wife and kid.[1]

Marlene married two more times, eventually becoming Marlene Vistain. As Wilson Fisk grew older and gained power in the criminal underworld, he circulated a story that his mother died shortly after his father ran off in order to keep her safe from his enemies. In the present day, Marlene Vistain was cared for in a retirement community paid for by Wilson, suffering from memory problems.[2]

Marlene was tracked down by Karen Page and Ben Urich during their search into Wilson's past. Their conversation with Fisk's mother set off a series of deaths as Wilson murdered Ben Urich for the violation and Karen Page killed Fisk's aide Wesley when he confronted her about the visit. Marlene was last seen being moved to a new facility in Italy to avoid further incidents.[3]


Phyllis Somerville portrays a older Marlene Fisk in the online series Marvel's Daredevil. Angela Reed portrays a younger Marlene in the flashback.

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