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The story of Marrina began around fifty thousand years ago in the far reaches of space. The alien species known as the Plodex had grown frustrated with the slow pace of conquering the universe through traditional means—invading one planet at a time. To accelerate their expansion, they devised a new strategy: special colonization ships carrying thousands of Plodex eggs in suspended animation. These ships were dispatched to numerous primitive planets in the early stages of development, some so distant that the journey took hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Upon arrival, the ships were programmed to land in the planet's most inhospitable region, where they would tap into local resources to transform into massive underground complexes. Once established, these complexes emitted a summons call to the planet’s inhabitants. Only the most dominant life-forms could survive the arduous journey to the complex. These creatures were then captured and meticulously studied, down to their molecular structure. The Plodex eggs were genetically imprinted with the traits of these dominant life-forms. After this process, the complexes would eject the eggs, scattering them across the planet. Though not all Plodex hybrids would survive or find mates, the sheer number released ensured that the Plodex would eventually outnumber all other species on the planet. This plan would have unfolded on Earth as well, had it not been for an explosion in one of the colony ship’s drive units after its ten-thousand-year voyage through space. The ship crash-landed in the Arctic Ocean, its systems severely damaged. The eggs were ejected prematurely, before they had been genetically programmed. The few eggs that survived the crash couldn’t hatch properly, as the alien embryos inside lacked the necessary genetic imprinting. Over centuries, the remaining eggs dried out or were destroyed by various means. The Plodex invasion of Earth had seemingly failed.[8]


Roughly two decades ago, in Newfoundland, Canada a fisherman Tom Smallwood was washed overboard during a storm and got tangled in his nets. Believing he was doomed, he suddenly noticed a glowing object among the debris on the sea bottom. Smallwood freed the oval sphere and clung to it as it floated to the surface. Unsure of its nature, Tom took the object home, where his wife, Gladys, and their son, Dan Smallwood, curiously examined it. Noticing what seemed to be a form inside, Gladys decided to break open the egg. Initially, the creature inside did not appear human, but as she cleared away the jelly-like coating, it resembled a human baby girl, albeit with unusually large eyes and pale yellow skin. The glowing object was one of the last remaining Plodex eggs, and upon opening it, Gladys inadvertently imprinted it with her genetic code. This caused the young Plodex to take on the form of a human female. Due to being underwater for approximately forty thousand years, the egg had become water permeable, and the embryo inside developed amphibious traits.[9][10] The Smallwoods named the girl Marrina, and she grew up happily in their small, close-knit community. Despite her unusual appearance, Marrina was accepted by her peers, who paid little heed to her differences. However, on her sixteenth birthday, Marrina revealed abilities that transcended mere physical traits. While swimming with other teenagers, she discovered she could breathe underwater and move at incredible speeds.[9]

Alpha Flight[]

Alpha Flight Vol 4 0

Alpha Flight

Dan Smallwood later contacted Canada’s Ministry of Defense. Eventually, Marrina caught the attention of James MacDonald Hudson, also known as Guardian of Alpha Flight. Marrina joined Department H and became a member of Gamma Flight. She worked her into Beta Flight.[9] A few months later, the Canadian government slashed funding for the Flight program, leading to the closure of Department H. This occurred just as Marrina and her teammate Puck were on the brink of being promoted to Alpha Flight. However, when the Great Beast known as Tundra emerged, it became evident that the country required a superhero team. Heather Hudson, Guardian’s wife, issued a distress call to the former team members for assistance in battling the creature. The call reached the two Beta Flight members as well. Marrina's unexpected arrival in a waterspout proved pivotal in the team's victory, as Shaman used magic to transform the spout into a rainstorm that washed away the earth-formed Tundra. Following this conflict, Alpha Flight chose to remain united as an independent organization.[11]

A few weeks later, Marrina found herself in the midst of a training session when she felt a compelling "call" urging her to return "home." Puck noticed her distress, but when he reached out to comfort her, she unexpectedly lashed out with a ferocity unlike anything before, leaving Puck critically injured. Marrina fled into a nearby river, following the mysterious call that seemed to beckon her northward. Navigating by instinct, Marrina swam to the Arctic region where she stumbled upon a vast alien complex. Inside, she encountered the self-proclaimed Master of the World, who used the ship’s technology to imprison and torment her. He revealed her true origin and the ship's purpose: to locate and analyze the planet's dominant life-form, a primitive human who had been cast out from his tribe. Over time, this human integrated with the ship's systems and assumed control as the Master of the World. Fearing Marrina's potential to disrupt his plans for world domination, the Master devised a trap using a breeding summons call to lure her in. Fortunately, Marrina's teammates, aided by Namor the Sub-Mariner, tracked her down. Together, they freed Marrina, forcing the Master to flee after triggering a self-destruct mechanism. Determined to uncover the truth about her past, Marrina searched the ocean depths for clues, but found only the dissolved remnants of the complex. Intrigued by the offer to join Namor in Atlantis, Marrina embarked on a new journey, leaving without informing her family. Guardian, tasked with delivering the news to Dan Smallwood, could offer little solace to Dan, who harbored deeper feelings for Marrina than mere friendship.[12] Marrina and Namor dropped Sue Storm off at the Baxter Building following their adventure together. Thanking Sue for her help, Namor picked up Marrina and flew away, intent on showing her the splendors of Atlantis.[13]

Marrina continued her collaboration with Alpha Flight, aiding them in various incidents, including their investigation into the polluted waters near Beaver Falls. They discovered that the water's dark hue was not solely due to nearby coal mines and industry but had also been contaminated by the presence of alien Dire Wraiths. Teaming up with Rom the Spaceknight, Marrina and Alpha Flight thwarted the Wraiths' attempts to possess the townsfolk. Unfortunately, the town itself was devastated by a massive flood caused by a dam breach. During the mission, Marrina prolonged exposure to the polluted waters resulted in illness. Fortunately, Shaman's magical abilities enabled him to cure her of any harmful effects caused by the pollutants and alien contaminants in the water.[14]

Despite Namor's promise to delve into Marrina's origins, their focus shifted as they became increasingly drawn to each other. Marrina became deeply engrossed in their burgeoning romance, neglecting to wear her amulet one day. Consequently, she missed Alpha Flight's distress call when they confronted some of Marrina's former teammates, now operating under the name Omega Flight. In the aftermath of this encounter, Guardian's battle-suit detonated, seemingly claiming his life.[15]

The Collector[]

Upon learning of the tragic event, Marrina harbored immense guilt for not being there to assist her team. Feeling unworthy of remaining with Alpha Flight, she soon found herself in a position where she had no choice but to seek their aid. The Collector arrived on Earth, intent on adding Marrina to his collection of Plodex creatures. His account of the Plodex race aligned with what Marrina had learned from the Master of the World. Teaming up with Spider-Man, Alpha Flight confronted the Collector and his formidable pet Snake-Eyes, a giant serpent with hypnotic powers. In the midst of battle, the Collector's ship sustained damage, causing the imprisoned Plodex creatures to awaken from their cryogenic slumber. Face to face with her own kind, Marrina could no longer deny her true nature. Despite this, she stood by her teammates, assisting in containing the Plodex within the Collector's vessel until he departed, though Snake-Eyes managed to escape into the ocean. Following the encounter, hearing her teammates describe the Plodex as "horrors" and "monsters," Marrina sank into a state of despondency. She couldn't shake the nagging question of whether she was truly any different from these creatures.[16]

Meeting her Broodmate[]

After returning to her lover in Atlantis, Marrina enjoyed a period of tranquility for several weeks. Eventually, Namor proposed to her, offering her the opportunity to rule his undersea kingdom by his side. Before she could respond, Marrina's amulet intercepted a distress call from Puck, who was investigating a string of murders along Toronto's waterfront. Delving into Lake Ontario for clues, Marrina encountered a mysterious scent that led her to a cave. There, she discovered that the murders were being committed by another unimprinted Plodex, indiscriminately sampling genetic material. To her horror, Marrina realized that this Plodex was her genetically designated broodmate, triggering an uncontrollable animalistic rage within her. In her frenzied state, she attacked Puck and then turned on Namor during the ensuing struggle. Their confrontation was interrupted by the Master, who used alien technology to control the Plodex creature. Despite efforts by Puck and Namor to sabotage the Master's submarine, the ship exploded, seemingly destroying the Plodex. However, Marrina vanished without a trace. She emerged only after Namor's departure, consumed by shame over her primal instincts. Convinced she was more monster than human, Marrina resigned from Alpha Flight and distanced herself from Namor, choosing to wander the oceans alone in self-imposed isolation.[17]

Power Pack[]

Marrina soon encountered the young superheroes known as Power Pack, who were locked in combat with Snake-Eyes, the Collector's menacing pet. Feeling a sense of responsibility, Marrina joined forces with the super-powered children. Together, they lured the reptile into a sunken freighter to contain it, then transported the vessel to Antarctica, where the frigid climate induced a form of cryogenic hibernation in the alien creature. Throughout the battle, Marrina displayed a reckless disregard for her own safety, seemingly driven by a desire for self-destruction. Despite the youngsters' attempts to remind her that one's actions define their character more than their lineage or appearance, Marrina retreated once more into her self-imposed solitude.[18]

Marriage to Namor[]

Marrina's decision to retreat into isolation seemed justified when her body began undergoing mysterious transformations once more. Reverting to the appearance she had while near her genetic mate, she was plagued by intense abdominal pains. In this weakened state, she fell prey to the warlord Attuma, who had recently seized the Atlantean throne and sought to exploit Marrina to solidify his power. Attuma orchestrated a public spectacle by imprisoning Marrina, whom he referred to as Namor's bride or "queen creature," in a transparent cell for all to witness. He hoped to provoke Namor into a reckless rescue attempt, intending to eliminate him with the overwhelming Atlantean militia. Following his defeat and loss of the throne to Attuma, Namor joined forces with the mighty Avengers. When he learned of Marrina's plight and his own hasty attack on Atlantis without a plan, Namor recognized his mistake and sought assistance from his teammates. Informing Alpha Flight as well, the two superhero groups launched a joint invasion of Atlantis. In order to prevent the crisis from escalating into an international incident, the heroes agreed to swiftly enter Atlantis, liberate Marrina, and depart. However, upon her release, Marrina did not return to the surface with them. Driven by a desire for revenge, she attempted to confront Attuma but was shot by an Atlantean soldier. Though not seriously wounded, Marrina fled once more upon seeing Namor approaching. Consumed by shame over her monstrous transformation, she rejected Captain Marvel's offer to have the Avengers' scientific experts study her alien biology and develop countermeasures.[19][20]

Refusing to accept "No" as an answer, Namor took a hiatus from the Avengers to pursue Marrina alongside Alpha Flight. When they finally caught up with her, Marrina's body was covered in strange nodules resembling Plodex eggs, leading to the assumption that she had been impregnated by her genetic mate and was on the brink of birthing numerous Plodex creatures. In light of the perilous situation, Alpha Flight and even Marrina herself contemplated drastic measures, with Marrina suggesting her own demise as a solution to prevent the Plodex from proliferating. Despite this, Namor remained steadfast in his desire to marry Marrina and assist her in raising the hatchlings. Before a decision could be reached, they were interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Marrina's genetic mate, who instinctively sought to protect her from the heroes. As Marrina and her Plodex mate responded to their innate instincts, Alpha Flight engaged the creature in battle to safeguard Marrina. Witnessing the conflict reminded Marrina of the acceptance and love she had received from the Smallwoods, Alpha Flight, and Namor. Summoning her resolve, she resisted her genetic programming, causing the nodules on her body to vanish and her appearance to return to normal. It became apparent that the changes in Marrina's body were merely a manifestation of her "breeder receptivity" rather than actual pregnancy. After the heroes vanquished the monstrous Plodex creature, Marrina and Namor exchanged vows in his newly established undersea realm, Deluvia an underwater colony populated by Atlanteans loyal to Namor.[10]


The joy of the royal couple was short-lived. A few weeks later, Deluvia was rocked by a seaquake, and from its depths emerged Neptune, the god of the seas, seizing Namor. As the crevice sealed, panic spread. The Olympians, holding the Avengers responsible for Hercules' prior injuries, sought retribution. Marrina, fearing for her husband, watched as the Atlanteans abandoned their kingdom, interpreting Neptune's rage as a dire omen. When the Avengers were finally exonerated and returned, Namor and Marrina found themselves without a realm. With no other options, they opted to live with the Avengers.[21]

Though not an official team member, Marrina assisted the Avengers in several missions, eager to demonstrate her capability to protect herself to her husband.[22][23] However, during a party hosted by New York City's mayor, Marrina's behavior took a bizarre turn. Stricken with hunger, she resorted to consuming live fish from an aquarium, prompting Namor's intervention. Reacting violently, Marrina fled to the riverside and transformed into a monstrous Leviathan, wreaking havoc across the Atlantic Ocean by sinking multiple freighters. Initially, Namor shielded her from the Avengers' attempts to subdue her, but he eventually realized she posed a grave threat. Despite efforts to reverse her transformation with a DNA repressor serum derived by Hank Pym, the results were fleeting. With no alternative, the Avengers reluctantly concluded that Marrina had to be stopped. Namor, wielding the Ebony Sword, ended her life to prevent further devastation. In the aftermath, the Avengers discovered the cause behind Marrina's erratic behavior: she had constructed a nest at the ocean floor using the ships she had sunk, containing three eggs. Marrina's human physiology allowed her to conceive with Namor, triggering her Plodex heritage upon pregnancy and childbirth. Before the Avengers could intervene, the eggs hatched, and the resulting hybrids vanished into the depths. Marrina's Leviathan form reverted to her mortal body, prompting Namor to give her a proper burial.[2][24]

False Death[]

Subsequent events revealed that the heroes had once more underestimated Marrina's alien biology, as she had not succumbed entirely to death. Months later, Llan the Sorcerer revealed to the Master that Marrina was in a state of "false death," slumbering beneath the ocean's depths, and that she held potential value for him in the future.[25]

The Master defiled Marrina's resting place, seizing her body for his own Plodex breeding endeavors. Oblivious to this desecration, Namor grappled with the aftermath of his wife's demise. In a confrontation with the Bloodwraith, bearer of the Black Knight's ebony blade, Namor ensured Marrina's soul was liberated from the ethereal realm where the blade's victims were ensnared.[26]

Years later, the Master resurfaced, boasting a pack of Plodex warriors under his command. However, his dramatic return couldn't have occurred at a more inopportune moment. Earth found itself embroiled in a war against Kang the Conqueror, the perennial foe of the Avengers. Amidst the chaos, Warbird of the Avengers infiltrated the Master's Arctic base and stumbled upon the chamber where he had presumably bred his Plodex slaves. Curious about the genetic materials he utilized, she nearly stumbled upon the unconscious Marrina within one of the lab's containment tanks. However, preoccupied by the ongoing battle, Warbird failed to notice her.[27]

Dark Reign[]

Marrina Smallwood (Earth-616) and Atlanteans (Homo mermanus) from Dark Reign The List - X-Men Vol 1 1 001

Marrina as Leviathan attacking Atlanteans

Under undisclosed circumstances, Marrina's body was eventually retrieved and fell into the possession of Norman Osborn, then serving as head of security for the United States. Viewing Marrina as a potent weapon to exact vengeance upon Namor for his betrayal and allegiance with the X-Men, Osborn directed his team of scientists to resurrect Marrina and revert her to the form of the Leviathan. They augmented her genetic structure by incorporating shark DNA, rendering her an even more lethal creature programmed to solely consume Atlantean blood. Released into the wild, Marrina began a merciless onslaught on Namor's people, prompting Namor to take action. Initially inclined to handle the crisis alone, he was persuaded to accept aid from his newfound allies, the X-Men. Namor and the X-Men devised a plan: using Magik and Pixie's powers of teleportation, they transported all of the Atlanteans across the globe, leaving Namor as the sole bait in the hemisphere. Once Marrina approached the X-Men's new base, Utopia, Namor realized who she was. The Stepford Cuckoos scanned her mind, revealing that there was nothing but rage, hunger, and hate. Having no choice, they engaged her. Eventually, Namor dragged a weakened Marrina underwater where he performed a mercy killing, ending Marrina's life once again.[5]

Chaos War[]

During the Chaos War initiated by the Chaos King, which obliterated the Underworld, Sasquatch struck a deal with the Great Beasts. In exchange for aiding their escape from the Chaos King's onslaught and facilitating their arrival on Earth, the Great Beasts agreed to resurrect several fallen teammates, including Marrina and other deceased Alphans. Marrina, alongside Shaman, Guardian, and Vindicator, reunited with the rest of the team. Together, the reformed Alpha Flight clashed against the Chaos King's forces alongside the Great Beasts. As the battle raged on, dissent brewed within Alpha Flight as some members realized they were being manipulated by the Great Beasts. Attempts were made to cease hostilities, but Marrina, reverted to a more feral state since her resurrection, was halted by Vindicator, aligning herself with those opposing the Great Beasts. When the Chaos King ultimately destroyed the Great Beasts, Alpha Flight anticipated the return of Marrina and the other resurrected Alphans to the afterlife. Surprisingly, this did not occur, and the fully restored Alpha Flight allied with remaining heroes to defeat the Chaos King. Among the triumphant champions, Hercules restored the world to its pre-Chaos King state, though Alpha Flight, including Marrina and her comrades, remained alive.[7]

New Alpha Flight[]

Marrina remained with the reformed Alpha Flight rather than seek out her husband, Namor the Sub-Mariner.[28] What's more, she underwent a noticeable transformation in demeanor, embracing a newfound assertiveness rooted in pride for her alien lineage. This shift in attitude, while garnering some concern from her teammates, saw Marrina boldly expressing her opinions without reservation. Sporting a fresh costume and streaks of pink in her hair, she embarked on a turbulent period marked by the rise of the Serpent God, Attuma. As Attuma's malevolent power surged, he launched a devastating assault on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, prompting Marrina and her teammates to confront him. Though Marrina's formidable abilities proved invaluable in the battle, even she found herself unable to penetrate Attuma's formidable whirlpool. The conflict reached an abrupt halt when Guardian intervened, whisking Attuma away. However, their respite was short-lived as Department H, the organization entrusted to support them, unexpectedly captured Marrina and her comrades. Gary Cody, their former liaison turned prime minister, invoked the Emergencies Act, suspending Canada's Charter of Freedom in a bid for "unity" amid global fear. Under Cody's regime, Alpha Flight fell victim to the mind-controlling Unity process. Through this ordeal, Marrina was shown visions affirming her capacity for acceptance and love, even as an alien.[29]

Northstar and Puck, the latter freshly returned from Hell, orchestrated Alpha Flight's liberation. Marrina rejoiced at Puck's return and eagerly joined the fight against the human oppressors detaining them. As tensions escalated within the team, exacerbated by Vindicator's betrayal and the branding of Alpha Flight as terrorists, clashes of personality became commonplace. Throughout the turmoil, Marrina's newfound assertiveness and humor shone, yet she also revealed her compassionate side. In a poignant moment, Guardian, disillusioned by betrayal from his wife and country, cast aside his Canadian flag costume, symbolic of his former allegiance, into the rushing waters of Niagara Falls. Unseen, Marrina dove into the depths to retrieve it, returning it to him as he rallied their newfound allies—ordinary Canadians outlawed by their own government.[30]

Alpha Flight soon discovered that their long-standing adversary, the Master of the World, was orchestrating their current predicament. However, in a surprising turn, the Master's focus shifted away from Marrina to her daughter, Claire. Intent on making the child his heir or mate, he manipulated Vindicator to achieve his nefarious goals. Marrina found herself sidelined from the confrontation with the Master, as Vindicator and Guardian took the lead in battling their old nemesis. Instead of engaging in direct combat, Marrina assumed a crucial role, overseeing the protection of Northstar's partner, Kyle, who had fallen victim to Unity's brainwashing tactics. As Alpha Flight clashed with their adversaries, Alpha Strike, Marrina stood vigilant by Kyle's side. Following the conflict's resolution, with the Master defeated, Alpha Flight transitioned to aiding in the aftermath, once again serving as Canada's foremost superheroes.[31]

Marrina continued to stand by her Alpha Flight comrades. During a mission in South America, they encountered multiple Hulks and confronted reincarnated Mayan gods, although Marrina's involvement was limited for much of the mission.[32][33] Additionally, she joined her teammates in attending Northstar's wedding to Kyle Jinadu in New York.[34] However, when the Wendigo curse resurfaced in Canada, triggering an outbreak of Wendigos across the country, Marrina opted out of the team-up with the X-Men and the battle against the Wendigos. Instead, she partnered with Shaman to trace the origin of the Wendigo outbreak. Their investigation led them to a processing plant distributing tainted meat throughout Canada, revealing the origin behind the curse's spread.[35][36]

Space Program[]

Sometime after that, the Alpha Flight name was taken for a space program led by Carol Danvers.[37]

The team still operated, often collaborating with members of the Alpha Flight Space Station. Marrina found herself reunited with Puck, Northstar, and Aurora when the quartet was dispatched to confront a monster on Prince Edward Island. After the battle, Puck revealed to Marrina a troubling secret from his past: his encounter with a monster on the island in the 1930s, summoned by a cult. As Puck confessed to killing the creature, Marrina realized the truth—it was a Plodex, her own species. Puck had known this since his early days with Alpha Flight but struggled to divulge the truth, fearing how Marrina might react given her upbringing devoid of Plodex influence. Sensing Puck's distress, Marrina reassured him, acknowledging the inherent danger of her species and affirming his actions in eliminating the threat years ago.[38]

As time went by, however, she did visit the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station to assist her team in evacuating a large number of mutant refugees while looking after Claire Hudson at Heather's request.[39]


Power Grid[45]
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Plodex/Human Hybrid Physiology: In her normal form Marrina's body is adapted to live underwater and possesses hyperdynamic proportions, sleek skin and webbed extremities.[1]

  • Amphibian: Although aquatic by nature, Marrina can exist as comfortably on land as she does in the sea. She can remain underwater indefinitely, extracting oxygen from water with highly efficient gills.[1]
  • Shape-changing: At times, Marrina's Plodex genetics forced changes to her physiology.[40]
  • Offensive secretion: Upon instinctual command, Marrina's body can secrete an oily residue designed to fend off attackers. The secretion causes the pupils of a victim's eyes to sharply constrict, rendering them temporarily blind.[1]
  • Superhuman Speed: Marrina is able to swim at tremendous speeds and can reach 900 knots (mach 1) when underwater, she can also perform extremely tight turns without much efforts and when emerging from the water she can create water sprouts that could carry her in the air for three miles.[1]
  • Superhuman Strength: Marrina is superhumanly strong and can lift 2 tons.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: Marrina is immune to climate extremes like the freezing temperatures in the ocean floor[1] and can resist ocean pressures that would otherwise kill any other being.[41] Namor considered her immune to almost anything except his full strength.[42]
  • Sonar Sense: Underwater Marrina can sense movements thanks to radar-like sense.[1]

Leviathan Form: When Marrina's Plodex instincts took hold, she became savage and homicidal. Her hands transformed into talons that could cut through steel. After Marrina became pregnant with Namor's child, her Plodex genetics caused her to transform into a massive sea serpent over a mile in length, akin to the legendary Leviathan. It shot beams of kinetic energy from its eyes, and laid thousand of Plodex eggs, using its own devastation to "build a nest".[2]

  • Superhuman Strength: As Leviathan Marrina's strength was incalculable.[1]
  • Superhuman Speed: As Leviathan, Marrina could move at incalculable speeds.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: As Leviathan Marrina possessed vast superhuman durability.[1] She was nigh-invulnerable but Wolverine's Adamantium claws and high-yield explosives could damage her skin.[5]
  • Energy Projection: In her second transformation Marrina could project powerful energy beams from her eyes.[1] These beams were capable of easily tearing down buildings.[5]


  • Gifted Intellect: Marrina has above-average intelligence.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Marrina was trained by Puck in unarmed combat.[1]



Marrina once wore a locket on a chain, which housed her Alpha Flight signal device.[11]


  • As Marrina was declared legally dead for an indeterminate period of time, it is reasonable to assume that her marriage to the Sub-Mariner has since been annulled.


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