Marrow was one of the Morlocks who were placed in the Slave Pens during Apocalypse's rule. She suffered horrific experiments at the hands of Mr. Sinister. Marrow and her fellow prisoners escaped from captivity and fled to the sewers beneath what once was Manhattan.

After Magneto and the X-Men finally defeated the tyrant Apocalypse the world began to heal as humans and mutants allied with one another and began to rebuild. In their search for fellow mutants after Apocalypse's downfall, Magneto and the X-Men found the Morlocks living in the sewers. Magneto wished for the Morlocks to return to the surface, but Marrow was indignant, preferring to be left in peace and fearing they would be put back in cages. Without provocation, Marrow attacked Silver Samurai, striking at him with one of her bone swords. Silver Samurai lashed back at her, sending her crashing into her fellow Morlocks. Magneto scolded Harada for responding with more violence but his reprimand came too late, as the Morlocks continued to attack. In the end the X-Men left with their wounded teammates in hand, while Marrow and the Morlocks fled the scene.

  • On Earth-616 Marrow was a little girl who spent time in another dimension, aging to adulthood much quicker as time moved faster there. The Earth-295 version of Marrow appears to be a fully grown adult. This is yet to be explained.

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