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Planet Arrako (formerly[1] known as Mars) is the fourth planet in the Sol System. It is named after the mutant island Arakko, and its inhabitants are called “Arakkii”. As “Mars”, it had been named after the Olympian war god Ares, under his Roman name. Denizens of Mars were called Martians.

To the general populace of Earth, it was conclusively learned if life ever existed on Mars and was rightfully believed to be a planet devoid of life. With the exception of a few brilliant minds, unfortunate souls and super-humans, no man had ever set foot on the planet Mars.

During the first annual Hellfire Gala, the nation of Krakoa’s omega mutants would terraform the planet on a wide scale, resuscitating its core, minerals, and atmosphere before moving the whole populous of Arakko, as well as the island itself, to the newly liveable planet, which Krakoa claimed as its own in their capacity as members of the UN, renaming it in honour of the Arakkii.[1]

Ancient History

Mars being devastated

The Annunaki had seeded Mars and the neighboring planet Tiamat with life. Over 100 million years ago, advanced cultures existed on Mars and her sister planet Tiamat. The two cultures fought for reasons that were forgotten. Mars was turned into a wasteland while Tiamat was utterly destroyed, its remains becoming the Asteroid Belt.[2]

Roughly one million years ago, numerous intelligent species inhabited Mars, including the Hither People, the Red Lizardmen, and the Wing-Men. These races were encountered by the modern Earth man Gullivar Jones, who was transported through space and time to ancient Mars and became a warlord among the natives.[3]

At some point, aliens from Mars had crashed in the Savage Land.[citation needed]

In the 1890's, Martians crashed on Earth in Britain. They were dissected. It has been claimed that H.G. Well's book The War of the Worlds was created as part of a disinformation campaign.[citation needed]

20th Century

In the 20th Century there were various visitors and invaders who came from the planet Mars. In 1940, Captain Ott came to Earth claiming that he came from the planet Mars under orders of his leader the "Great One" to obtain an explosive formula from Earth to help defend his home world from another unspecified alien invader. The Human Torch turned the explosives over to Captain Ott who then returned to his home world. Captain Ott's claims cannot be confirmed.[4] By 1949, a warrior race who claimed to be "Masters of the Universe" resided on Mars, but had no means of interplanetary travel. In an attempt to bring world peace by uniting world governments to a single cause, scientist Professor Kluto used a device to pull Mars close to Earth prompting Warlord Oog to invade the Earth. The invasion was thwarted by Captain America and Golden Girl who used the device to return Mars to its proper orbit.[5]

In 1951, scientist Baron Fritz Heinrich built a rocket to fly to Mars where he believed the Fountain of Youth was located. He took along with him the Olympian love goddess Venus, who at the time was working for Beauty Magazine to cover the story of his discovery. There they encountered Azrael the angel of death whom Fritz seemingly slew in battle before he and Venus returned to Earth. There Venus denied Fritz's claims that they went to Mars, discrediting his discovery.[6]

Modern Age

Somewhere out beyond the orbit of Mars, a Skrull spaceship appeared from the subspace to track down De'Lila, whose ship was traveling in an Earth bound trajectory.[7]

Ex Nihilo, his sister Abyss, and the Builder Aleph arrived on Mars and terraformed the red planet creating an atmosphere, vegetation, and flash-shepherded years of evolution in hopes of creating a "perfected" version of mankind. They were confronted by the Avengers.[8] Nightmask and Star Brand later arrived on Mars to confront Ex Nihilo.[9]


After the X of Swords tournament the warlike mutant nation of Arakko was moved to Earth. In an effort to solve the issues the presence of such a nation on Earth would cause, Magneto proposed that Arakko be moved to Mars and that the planet be terraformed by mutantkind. The plan was to declare Mars the "capital" of the Sol system, giving mutantkind an advantage over humanity in negotiations with alien civilizations. The plan was approved by the Quiet Council and Great Ring, who provided Magneto with omega-level mutants to aid in the terraformation. The process was a success, and the newly terraformed Mars was unveiled at the Hellfire Gala.[1]

Alternate Realities


The most notable Martians yet seen exist in the timeline of Killraven and the Guardians of the Galaxy.[10][11] They were not native to Mars, and were reportedly tipped off to attack Earth by Immortus.[12] Spider-Man of Earth-616 once traveled to this future and aided Killraven in his struggle with the Martians.[13]


A species of green-skinned demi-humanoids lived on Mars. They had entered suspended animation 10,000 years earlier than 2099 when the Phalanx attacked Mars. They had also faced the Kree, Skrull, and Shi'ar.[14]


In Earth-5106, a reality where space travel and exploration blossomed in the 1950s, life exists on Mars in the form of large overly hairy humanoid Martians. They are part of the Galaxy council, an federation of planets in Earth's solar system. There was a barbaric clan known as the VDBN. The VDBN and their leader Mxxptrm were exiled from Mars and went to Earth to learn the ways of peace from the Galaxy council and the Space Squadron peace keeping force.[15]


A race of Martians lived on Mars in this reality. These aliens attempted to invade the Earth, but they were stopped by Whirlwind Carter.[16]

Possible futures

In one, a man named Gibbs, who encountered the Watcher, accidentally changed his features to those of a Martian. In another, a Hydra and SHIELD agent clashed on Mars.[citation needed]

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