Mars Team was a strikeforce of symbiote super-soldiers led by Robert Urquhart, a private military contractor formerly employed by Eaglestar International.

When Dark Carnage attacked the Weapon V Headquarters, Mars Team were some of the few members of Weapon V to escape. Tracking down Weapon H to Drumheller, Alberta, Mars Team blackmailed him into helping them seek revenge by taking his mother-in-law, Janice Sung, hostage. Luring Dark Carnage to an abandoned warehouse, Mars Team attempted to weaken him with anti-symbiote weaponry, but were killed one-by-one. Weapon V's head researcher, Dr. Andrew Breen, was driven insane by his study of the symbiotes and betrayed them by freeing Weapon H's mother-in-law. With no reason to help them, Weapon H left them and the remaining members were killed by Dark Carnage.[1]



Mars Team's members were bonded to suits of symbiote bio-armor cloned from samples of the Grendel symbiote taken from the Sym-Soldier Program by Weapon V.[1]


Mars Team is equipped with a variety of military-grade and anti-symbiote weapons.[1]


  • Mars Team's name follows that of the Mercury Team, a symbiote super-soldier initiative started by the U.S. Military, in that it's named after a Roman god or planet.

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