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The origins of Marshall Muldoon of Earth-9997 are the same as his Earth-616 counterpart. He once aided Captain America and his partner the Falcon against Doolittle and his mad bomb. After this adventure, Muldoon resumed his luxurious life as a rich oil tycoon.[citation needed]

Shortly after the mutation of the Earth's population due to the Terrigen Mist, humanity's need for oil was greatly diminished because many of this new mutated humanity were able to fly, teleport or find other means of rapid transit through biological means as opposed to technology. This in turn caused Muldoon to loose his fortune and he eventually went bankrupt.[citation needed]

Years later he was invited to Los Angeles to take part in a documentary about his life that was being filmed there. During his time in LA he came into contact with the Skull and became his unwilling slave much like most of the cities population.[citation needed]

He was later recognized by Captain America and his new sidekick Red Wing, who had come to LA looking for evidence of the rebirth of the Red Skull (having found one of the Skulls insignias on the face of a member of Hydra in New York). In the end, Cap was attacked by the Skull's mob and Redwing was made the Skull's slave. The Skull decided to not enslave Cap as an example that Cap's ideology was an old dead relic.[citation needed]

This proved to be the Skull's undoing, as later the Skull took over New York City (assassinating President Osborn) he was attacked by an army of super-beings gathered by Captain America. During the fight, Muldoon was able to rescue Cap and turn him over to Spider-Man before he could be killed in battle.[citation needed]

Cap's reinforcements managed to defeat the Skull and free all of his slaves. Shortly after, Muldoon was elected the first "Lawman" of the United States, a title that effectively made him president (but a title Muldoon would not accept.)[citation needed]

Station in New York, Muldoon governed the US for three years until Immortus returned and founded the Church of Immortus. Its followers believed that the Human Torches which were built to burn the Terrigen Mists out of the air were a danger to mankind's destiny to the stars (this all ended up being a manipulation caused by Mephisto). During this time Muldoon worked closely with the NYPD and a number of super-heroes in protecting the Human Torch in New York City and their attempts at shutting the Church of Immortus down.[citation needed]

Muldoon was present when the Absorbing Man was resurrected and subsequently absorbed all of New York City. After The Absorbing Man's defeat, Muldoon resumed his position. His present whereabouts are unknown.[citation needed]

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Although Muldoon was exposed to the Terrigen Mists the nature of his mutation was never identified.



Muldoon often used firearms, specifically machine guns.

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