Life and Death

Martha was the long-suffering wife of Dr. Curt Connors, aka the Lizard. After she explained her story to Spider-Man, he created an antidote to return her husband to normal[1].

She was later kidnapped by the Maggia with her son Billy to force her husband to decipher the Lifeline Tablet's secret code[2].

After being moved into the Galby Building, they both were rescued by Spider-Man[3].

She and her child were brought to a safe place by Spider-Man, who vowed to find the Lizard and change him back to human form[4].

Once the Lizard was dehydrated by Spider-Man and transformed into Curt Connors, she reunited with her husband[5].

On countless other occasions, she had to deal with her husband becoming the Lizard.

She eventually died of cancer.[6]

Dead No More

Jackal later brought Martha and her son, who had been killed by the Lizard, back to life in order to convince Curt, having his intellect while trapped in the Lizard's body, to work for him.[7] She continued to help Miles on his New U Tech.[8]

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