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Martha Pool was the mother of Gwen and Teddy Poole. After her children ended up somehow in the Prime Marvel Universe, Gwen sought Doctor Strange's help since in this universe she lacked legal trace of their existence, like a social security number.

Strange used his powers to transfer every proof of Gwen's existence from the moment she was born to the Marvel Universe. Even though Strange warned Gwen the procedure could alter the memories of Gwen's family back in her universe, to the point they might forget she existed altogether, Gwen agreed.[2]


  • In Gwenpool Strikes Back #4, in order to prove to her readers that she's more than an ordinary comic book character, Gwen conjured her creator, Christopher Hastings. Hastings guest-wrote that portion of the book to actually deliver his lines, and revealed that Martha Poole's name was a reference to both DC Comics characters Martha Wayne and Martha Kent.

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