A Martian had come to Earth in order to transport human specimens to Mars to study in preparation for an invasion. The Martian used a transporter ray which dematerialized objects and living things down to atoms and reformed them again on Mars. Several nights in a row, houses, buildings and even entire city blocks were stolen from the city. One day a citizen found the Martian saucer in the woods on the city's outskirts. From this, the police were able to gather who the mystery culprit was, but when they found the Martian, he proved to be too much for them. He was invulnerable to their gunfire and proved too strong to be fought. One boy in the city devised a plan which he thought would take advantage of the Martian's weaknesses. He predicted that because the Martian always struck at night and because there were no lights inside his ship, that the Martian must, therefore, have a great sensitivity to light. That night, as the Martian once again planned to send more humans to Mars, all the lights in the city were thrown on at once. The boy was right and the Martian was at the mercy of the townspeople. He turned on his transporter ray in reverse, bringing everyone back to the city and left the planet. The people of Earth seemed confident in their ability to repel any subsequent Martian attacks using the same techniques.[1]


The Martian possessed great strength, though whether it was in the superhuman range is unknown. The Martian also proved to be impervious to gunfire.


The Martian had a great sensitivity to light.


The Martian piloted a flying saucer capable of space flight.


The Martian's main weapon was a transporter ray-gun propped up on a tripod which was capable of reducing people and objects to atoms and reforming them again intact on Mars.

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