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The story of Martin Simon Burns has its beginnings in ancient Egypt, where apparently the knowledge of reincarnation was learned and became a well guarded secret. However, the only account into Burns's origins state the secret was lost upon the fall of the Pharaohs of Egypt, but learned by a being posing as Hercules. When his mortal form finally died, his soul would end up in Valhalla.

When Adolf Hitler rose to power and began World War II, it prompted "Hercules" to ask his father "Jupiter" to allow him to be reborn on Earth to defend America from the forthcoming Fifth Columnists who would invade the country.[2]

"Hercules" was then reincarnated in the body of young Martin Burns. Martin possessed superior strength, and realizing that he could harm someone, pretended to be meek and timid so as to avoid conflicts which may reveal his true power. On Burns' 14th birthday his home was visited by a mysterious figure dropping off a package for the boy. Left in Martin's room while he was sleeping, Martin was awoken by a living shadow that informed him that he would become a hero and that his country was being invaded by Nazi spies.[2]

Dawning his costume, he was christened Marvel Boy and rushed into action to stop a carload of Nazi spies who just smuggled into the country aboard a U-Boat. Capturing them, he learned that their ringleaders were located in Washington D.C. and were preparing for the day to attack America from within. Leaving the captured spies for the FBI, Marvel Boy rushed to Washington, D.C. and smashed the operation, leaving the masterminds for the authorities as well.

The next day, Martin resumed his normal life as a timid school boy, his parents blissfully unaware of their son's involvement in the capture of spies when the story hit the press the next day.[2]

Subsequent adventures of Marvel Boy remain unrecorded and his ultimate fate is unrevealed.


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  • The fact that Marvel Boy is the reincarnation of Hercules seems unlikely given the history of the Greek demigod. The involvement of Jupiter (Zeus) is also questionable as well. Why Hercules, an Olympian would be in Valhalla which is the home for the warrior dead of the Asgardians also adds to the lack of credibility to this origin. If this story is not merely a fabrication, the true identity of "Hercules" and "Jupiter" are unrevealed.
  • Martin Simon Burns should not be confused with Martin Oksner Burns a young man who in 1943 was empowered by a being calling himself Hercules and who also called himself Marvel Boy.

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