Abandoned as a child, Martin Soap joined the New York City Police Department.[1]

The NYPD was being pressured by Ma Gnucci to do something about the Punisher. Detective Martin Soap was assigned to head the "Punisher Task Force" because his boss thought he wouldn't be able to do anything anyway. Martin was seen as a loser with the department, and the "Task Force" consisted only of himself and behavioral psychologist Buddy Plugg at first,[2] until Bud, believing his work was rejected by Soap, hung himself.[3]

Soap was soon partnered with Lt. Molly von Richthofen, because she wasn't liked in the force either. He falls in love with her, but gets his heart crushed when she reveals she is a lesbian. Eventually they caught Punisher by pure luck, but decided to let him go when Castle gave them pictures of the mayor and police commissioner they could use to blackmail them.[4]

Soap ended up being Police Commissioner himself after blackmailing them, while Molly went on a vacation. He soon lost his position when he was blackmailed himself with pictures of him with a prostitute.[5]

He eventually ended up pursuing a career in pornography.[6]

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