Martu, or Amurru in Babylon,[6] was the son of Anu and Ki.

He was originally worshiped exclusively by the Amorites (a Semitic people occupying the country west of the Euphrates), and was eventually assimlated into the Annunaki.

The god of the desert and nomadic lifestyle, Martu was regarded as uncivilized by the other Annunaki. He dwelled within his "shining mountain" in the desert.[1]

Degeneration into demon

After Anu's edict to break most of their ties with Earth and return to Dilmun, many Annunaki feared to lose their influence over the mortal spheres. They were approached bythe ancient demon Marduk Kurios who tempted them with everlasting power. Those who accepted the trickery deal's terms were turned into demons, including Martu.[2]

At some point, he was imprisoned by the Desert Gods[3] (seemingly the Annunaki) in the Saudi Arabian deserts.[2] Saja, messenger of the Desert Gods, watched over.[3]

Modern days

In modern days, Martu, as the "Demons of the Dunes", he managed to possess the wives and friends of the Arabian Knight (Abdul Qamar), and his newest-born son. Martu's goal was to make the Arabian Knight kill his son, in order to free himself. As Qamar refused, Martu killed all other in the village and fled, his strengths depleted, but vowed to eventually return.[3]


As an Annunaki, Martu possessed the usual powers possessed by all of their kind.[2] It is unknown how his degeneration into a demon has affected those abilities.

Additionally, Martu possessed the ability to create powerful sandstorms and haboobs.[2]

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