Wolfman was at the Marvel Comics offices when the Impossible Man, demanding that they create a comic book based on his character, attacked the place. The Fantastic Four stopped him.[1]

Writer Marv Wolfman and artist Sal Buscema were interested in writing a comic-book series on then-newbie superhero Nova, so they summoned him with a TV ad. When meeting Nova, Buscema (who had a photo camera to take reference images of Nova) was worried at Nova being too short to be likeable, but Wolfman suggested he'd be drawn taller. The three tried to meet editor Stan Lee, but secretary Beth Beckley reported he was on a lecture tour. Editor John Verpoorten then reprimanded Wolfman due to his delay on the title Tomb of Dracula, which was because Wolfman's contact Harold Harold had not phoned Wolfman to report the details of real-world Dracula's activities (he did soon after). They also had a surrealistic encounter with Archie Goodwin.[2]

As Lee was unavailable, the trio went to Long Island to see a demonstration of Nova's powers for reference; Buscema was impressed but Wolfman was more interested in having lunch. The demo was interrupted by the attack of Tyrannus, his Tyrannoids and his giant robot Earth-Shaker. Wolfman and Buscema escaped unscathed and re-joined Nova for an encounter with Lee. However, Lee was uninterested in a title about an unexperienced, unproved hero in a competitive market, delaying the idea for one year, then assigning Wolfman to the title "Midas the Million Dollar Mouse!" with artist John Costanza.[2]

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