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"The Only Light in the Darkness"

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"The Only Light in the Darkness"

Quote1 Some people are hard to get over. Quote2
-- Phil Coulson

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Synopsis for "The Only Light in the Darkness"

Marcus Daniels, recently freed from his imprisonment in the Fridge by John Garrett and Hydra, walks along the docks in an unidentified city, and asks a bystander for a ride to Portland. When he refuses, Daniels shows off his abilities to drain the energy out of anything around him before killing him and stealing his truck.

At Providence, Simmons tends to Ward's wounds while he lies to the rest of the team about the situation at the Fridge and with Garrett. He lets them know that the prisoners stationed at the Fridge escaped, including Marcus Daniels, who Coulson takes a particular interest in. He orders Skye to cross-check the list of inmates at the Fridge with crime reports, and announces he will take a team out to recapture the escaped prisoners. Koenig, who still doesn't trust anyone but Coulson, disagrees, and won't let anyone leave until they undergo "orientation," a high-powered lie-detector to test each of their loyalty. May, Skye, Fitz, Simmons, and Triplett pass with flying colors, but Ward nearly fails the test when Koenig asks him about his true purpose at the base. Just as Koenig is about to execute him as a Hydra infiltrator, Ward recovers by telling him he's at Providence for Skye, although he doesn't reveal that Garrett also wants her.

Coulson elaborates on the mission to Fitz, Simmons, and Trip, explaining that Daniels was a research assistant at a physic labs attempting to harness the power of Darkforce. Daniels was exposed to Darkforce and gained the power to absorb all forms of energy, enabling to kill with a touch. Conventional weapon won't work on him but last time S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to capture him, they overloaded his system with pure light. They travel to Portland, where he believes Daniels will go after Audrey Nathan, a woman he was obsessed with before he was locked up in the Fridge, having called her his "only light in the darkness". Meanwhile, Daniels is chasing Audrey through a park before she's rescued by Simmons and Trip, pretending to be CIA. Fitz and Coulson pull up soon after and unleash the D.W.A.R.F.s to shine pure light on Daniels. Daniels recognizes Coulson and reveals to him that S.H.I.E.L.D. experimented on him in the Fridge. Coulson reasoned it was all to contain him, only for Daniels to reveal that all S.H.I.E.L.D. did was strengthen his powers, which he demonstrates by blasting Coulson and Fitz with blasts of dark energy, enabling him to flee.

The next day, the team hides out with Audrey at the auditorium where she'll have a concert that night, and she tells Triplett and Simmons (Fitz and Coulson are in a separate room tracking Daniels) about her previous history with Daniels. He repeatedly showed up at her cello concerts, which soon evolved into stalking. Daniels was eventually apprehended by a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and Audrey started a relationship with the team's leader: Phil Coulson.

Back at Providence, Skye and Koenig are trying to track down the escaped prisoners. Frustrated with a lack of progress, Skye suggests they hack into the NSA satellites to get footage of the prisoners escaping the prison that S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites couldn't capture. Despite Koenig's objection to hacking into such a powerful organization, Ward pushes Skye into doing it. Meanwhile, Agent May has packed up her things and leaves Providence, tired of Coulson not trusting her. Ward runs into her before she leaves, and then heads to Koenig's office. Koenig updates him on Skye's hack before Ward ominously shuts the door.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Audrey performs her concert to an empty audience to lure out Daniels. The ruse works, and Trip, Simmons and Fitz fire high-energy beams of light at him. Although Daniels puts up a fight and even attacks Audrey, the light is too powerful for him and his body explodes into a cloud of Darkforce (the energy that gave Daniels his powers). Coulson, who has kept himself hidden from Audrey until now, rushes to her side. He comforts her as she wakes up, so the first thing she sees is the boyfriend she thought was dead. He soon withdraws, making Audrey assume she hallucinated Simmons as Coulson. On the plane ride back, Coulson confides in Fitz that he plans on telling Audrey the truth someday, when she's ready to accept it.

At Providence, Skye looks unsuccessfully for Koenig to celebrate her successful hack into the NSA satellites. She finds Ward instead, and the two soon end up making out. Ward freaks out, however, when Skye reaches behind his head and finds blood, and leaves the room. Using a tablet tracking their lanyards, Skye keeps looking for Koenig, and tracks him to a closet, where she finds a penny perched above the door which drops to the floor before finding his corpse stuffed in the vent. Figuring out that Ward must be with Hydra, she gets out of the closet and evades Ward by keeping an eye on his tracker before hiding in the restroom. She panics before looking towards one of the base screens. Ward returns to the closet to find the penny in its rightful place before Skye appears behind him, pretending to be none the wiser about his secret. The two of them leave on the Bus (Ward secretly taking her to Garrett) before Coulson and the team arrive back at Providence. When Ward mentions the hard drive which she backed up all of the technology schematics the team had gathered, she realizes his true mission.

May’s mother picks her up by the side of an Ontario highway, handing over an envelope May requested. The mother questions if May intends to kill the target, though May only wants to talk with them, as the mother admits to always having liked Maria.


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  • As the third of the final six episodes, which will deal with the aftermath of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the episode features the third original cover artwork of #TheArtofLevel7 series, by Pascal Campion.

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