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Odin Borson


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Odin arrives during Thor and Hulk's training session in advanced shackles where he orders Thor to return to Asgard. He even removed the advanced shackles on Thor. Iron Man had to persuade Odin to let the Avengers prove themselves to Thor. The first part involved the Avengers stopping Zzzax from laying siege to the United Nations in which Odin managed to overload Zzzax with Asgardian energy. The second part had the Avengers having to hold their own against Odin. Their fight is crashed by Mangog who plans to get revenge on Odin for casting him out. Although Odin holds his own against Mangog, he ends up knocked down by Mangog who then takes Gungir to combine with his own weapon. The Avengers and Thor had to fight Mangog in order to disarm him and separate Gungir from Mangog's weapon. Once that was done, Odin reclaimed Gungir and had Heimdall open a portal to send Mangog someplace else. Afterwards, Odin deemed the Avengers as worthy allies of Thor. When Odin wanted to know more about Earth, Hawkeye suggests they take the train in order to show him Coney Island to evade traveling by portal.


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