"The Serpent of Doom"

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"The Serpent of Doom"

Quote1 Once unleashed, the serpent will increase in size and mass until it is large enough to feast on the Earth itself. Quote2
-- Thor

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Ulik a member of the Rock Trolls from the caverns of the Realm Below in the extra-dimensional realm of Asgard. He comes to Earth using the Asgardian weapon called Codgel. Ulik travels to Midgard and using the powerful weapon he battles Thor, blasting him with the Asgardian weapon. The weapon allows him an advantage battle Iron Man arrives to help, battling the troll together, Thor knocks the weapon into the air. Thor realizes with the arrival of this weapon he is destined to perish. Thor dragged Ulik through the air knocking his head against buildings, while Iron Man struggled to find the weapon due it's mystical origin. A squad Hydra agents find the weapon, informing the Iron Skull of their findings. But they were attacked by Doom Dogs and Doctor Doom retrieves the weapon.

At Avengers Tower, Captain America joins the others to interrogate Ulik, who reveals he is there to take down the Son of Odin. Using the computer they search for the weapon, and track it to the Latverian Embassy. Thor destroyed the computer in anger with his hammer. At the Embassy Doctor Doom scanned the weapon, when he was contacted by the Iron Skull. He was annoyed by the theft and again Doom refuses the invitation to join the Cabal, and blasts the screen. In the Avengers jet the team headed to the Embassy, planning out the assault. They enter the grounds while Hawkeye goes in beneath the Embassy, but is attacked by Doombots, but he was able to take them out, until he was blasted by Doom. The Avengers were attacked by Doombots and Doom Dogs, and they take them out until Doctor Doom bursts through the ground stating ' 'You dare trespass on Latverian soil!'

Using the weapon he battles the Avengers, holding his own against Thor and the team, having now mastered the weapon. He split the ground releasing the Midgard Serpent that bursts through the ground. It attacked the city, and when Iron Man scans it which shows it's growing, Thor reveals it will grow in size until it can consumes the planet. The creature is so powerful it sends the Hulk flying through the air. Doom takes control of the creature using the hammer. Falcon goes to find the Hulk, while Thor goes after the creature alone. Falcon finds the Hulk who is knocked out on the ground and struggled to wake him or moving. He then uses his Holo wings to flip him to the river.

The creature is to powerful, and Thor decides to sacrifice himself , but they were blasted by Doom. Doom was then crushed by the serpent who then tried eat Iron man but he was able to escape. Thor confronts the creature, blasting him with his hammer, and knocked him to the ground. The creature was about to swallow Thor but was saved by Iron Man and the creature goes after them. Doom tries to gain control of the creature using the weapon, but Hawkeye and Captain America tried to stop him. Iron Man scanned for Ulik's dimensional rift and found it, Thor blasted it open again with lightning. They lead the creature to the portal, the Falcon threw the Hulk into the creature knocking him into the portal and sending him to the realm below. Thor sealed the rift with his hammer, and Hawkeye suggested they call for Damage control to clean up the mess. They returned to the tower to surprise Ulik to reveal Thor is still alive, and told him he is to return for justice in Asgard.

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