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Black Widow
Zemo's hypnosis may have been old-fashioned, but that technique is foolproof. How did you manage to break free?
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Captain America
I didn't. A friend saved me.
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  • Hydra Tanks


Iron Man and Black Widow head out to find where Captain America is when he is missing from Avengers Tower. In Europe, Captain America battles to rescue Bucky who has been captured by Baron Heinrich Zemo. What is really happening is that Captain America has been hypnotized by Baron Helmut Zemo into finding his father's laboratory so that he can find the two super-soldier serums that he perfected. Zemo followed Captain America to Castle Zemo in order to find his father's version of the super soldier serum, but was briefly interrupted by Iron Man and Black Widow. Injecting the two Hydra soldiers flanking him with his crude serum, he followed Captain America to his father's laboratory, where he injected himself with the super soldier serum and rejuvenating himself, by giving him a younger more powerful form. He took the other remaining vial of the serum for his own use. Donning a hood reminiscent yet different from his father's, Zemo fought the other two Avengers, easily able to handle them due to his enhancements. However, Captain America broke out of Zemo's mental control thanks to Bucky materializing himself as Cap's conscience telling him that the events playing out in his mind weren't the ones that actually occurred. Captain America joined the fight and was evenly matched with Zemo until the baron fired his pistols at the walls of Castle Zemo, causing it and the cliff side they fought on to crumble. Zemo leapt after the serum that fell out of his suit, with Captain America in hot pursuit. As both super-soldiers fell, Cap quickly grabbed Zemo's hand, but Zemo refused his help to pull him up, stating he wanted to maintain his father's legacy, forcing Cap to release his grip. Zemo fell into the rocky waters, but Iron Man's scans showed that he had disappeared.


Marvel's Avengers Ultron Revolution Season 3, Ep. 3 - Clip 1


When Iron Man is seen in Steve's vision he looks similar to the Iron Monger armor.

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