Quote1.png It's only ever a matter of time before war encroaches on innocent people. But my sacred duty has never been more clear. To ensure the protection of my people... no matter the cost. Quote2.png
-- Black Panther (Prince T'Challa)

Appearing in "The Panther and the People"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • King T'Chaka Next Appearance of King T'Chaka {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance chronologically}}
  • Dora Milaje (First appearance chronologically)
    • Okoye Next Appearance of Okoye {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}}


  • Congolese rebels {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}}
  • Zanda Next Appearance of Zanda {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}}
  • Douglas Scott Next Appearance of Douglas Scott {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}}
  • Unnamed hostage takers {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}}

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Synopsis for "The Panther and the People"

One week before the concluding press conference of Iron Man, T'Challa has assumed the responsibility of Black Panther and protects Wakanda and its people from external threats. He returns from one such mission, fighting off the Congolese rebels who threaten to encroach upon Wakandan territory.

Back at their headquarters, T'Challa's father T'Chaka, King of Wakanda and former Black Panther is watching Tony Stark live, declaring his identity to the press at the end of Iron Man. He discusses Stark's impulsiveness and emotional nature with T'Chaka and expresses pleasure at how quickly T'Challa has adopted the Black Panther mantle. T'Chaka briefs him about a situation where two Wakandans are trapped as part of a hostage situation. With help from S'Yan of the Wakandan Design Group, they are able to trace the culprits Zonda and Douglas Scott to Paraguay. As T'Challa leaves for their rescue, he is joined by Okoye who has been assigned to monitor T'Challa's progress in the mission.

Together, T'Challa and Okoye reach Asunción, Paraguay at the spot of the hostage. Both put up a fight against the goons hired by Zonda and Douglas. Eventually, Douglas knocks Okoye off and Zonda uses a set of Vibranium bullets she received as payment from a prior mission on T'Challa. The bullet pierces the Black Panther's Vibranium suit, wounding him.

Solicit Synopsis

Wakanda. The most technologically advanced nation in the world – and protected by the mighty BLACK PANTHER! Learn how T’CHALLA became the legendary hero of Wakanda in this ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD tale set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! See how the mantle was passed to the future king, in a time when super heroes were just emerging in the larger world, before this winter’s BLACK PANTHER film hits theaters!


  • It is revealed that T'Challa assumed the mantle of the Black Panther a week prior to the end of the film Iron Man.
    • Additionally, it is confirmed here that T'Chaka carried the mantle of the Black Panther prior to T'Challa.

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