Quote1 My dad, he used to say our failures are the steps we climb. Quote2
-- Tandy Bowen

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  • Terrors (First appearance)
    • Monsieur Flambé (First appearance) (Dream)
    • Wrenchy (First appearance) (Dream)
    • Charlie (First appearance)
    • Sam (First appearance) (Dream)

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Synopsis for "Lotus Eaters"

Tyrone, still emotionally recovering from his last encounter with Connors, agrees to help Tandy go inside the mind of Ivan Hess for information that could clear her father's name. They go through the door in his mind only to find an amnesiac Ivan in a recreation of the Roxxon rig with crazed Roxxon employees. Ivan has lived through the same routine countless times - klaxons go off, there's a phone call, and then there's an explosion that restarts the cycle, all while avoiding running into his coworkers so they don't tear him to pieces. Ivan calls them "Terrors," and believes the substance they were drilling for infects their mind with pure fear that spreads from person-to-person. Tandy and Tyrone make their way to the rig's core to stabilize it, but the Terrors prevent them from reaching it before the start of a new cycle.

Ivan Hess reveals that the man on the other end of the phone call is none other than Tandy's father, Nathan Bowen. Tandy, desperate to hear her father's voice again, picks up the phone when he calls and talks to him until the cycle starts over. Tyrone goes off to stabilize the rig on his own while Tandy stays behind to talk to her father again. Tyrone gets to the core this time, but is unable to stop the explosion despite following Ivan's instructions. Thinking this is a dead end, Tyrone tries to talk Tandy into leaving Ivan's mind; however, once he is back in Ivan's hospital room, finds Tandy is still inside so she can continue talking to her father.

Tyrone goes back into his mind to pull her out once he realizes he cannot physically pull her from Ivan. He finds Tandy barely remembers him, as she has been gone through hundreds more cycles since Tyrone left her. She's also learned how to throw her light daggers. Tyrone tries to convince Tandy that this is all an illusion, but Tandy violently refuses to believe she isn't talking to her real father. At Tyrone's request, Tandy asks her father who is sitting in the backseat of his car - information Ivan Hess would not have known at the time of the call. The voice is proved to not belong to the real Nathan Bowen when he fails to say Tandy is in the car with him.

Now snapped out of her daze, Tandy and Tyrone try to convince Ivan Hess to help them stabilize the core. Tyrone thinks that only Ivan can stabilize the rig as this is his nightmare. Ivan starts to remember who he really is when Tandy uses Mina's cookies to bring back memories of his daughter. Ivan gets to the core with Tandy and Tyrone's help, and stabilizes the rig. With the nightmare over, all three of them awaken in the real world. Mina Hess hurries to the hospital after hearing the news about her father's condition. That night, Tyrone calls Tandy to play a recording of himself and Billy for her.


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  • The title of this episode refers to the Greek epic poem the Odyssey. The Lotus Eaters were a tribe of people Odysseus and his crew came across who eat a fruit that makes Odysseus' crew lethargic and forget their mission to return home. This is reflected through Tandy's storyline, as the phone call with her father causes her to forget her purpose inside Ivan Hess' mind.

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Character Actor
Tandy BowenOlivia Holt
Tyrone JohnsonAubrey Joseph
Ivan HessTim Kang
Mina HessAlly Maki
Hannah Hardin (young)
Nathan BowenAndy Dylan
Mud ManWyna Tannehill
Engineer SamChelsea Bruland

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