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On the anniversary of Nathan and Billy's deaths, Tandy and Tyrone make their final moves against Scarborough and Connors. With information from Ivan Hess, Tandy finds a memo her father wrote after he discovered they were cutting corners, warning them about the effects of exposing people to the substance they were drilling for. Tyrone, meanwhile, comes up with a plan to get Connors to confess to shooting Billy by pretending to haunt him as Billy's ghost.

That night, Tandy (using an Adina Johnson's I.D. badge which she stole earlier) corners Peter Scarborough in the Roxxon building, ties him up, and threatens to leak the information he covered up about the rig's destruction. Scarborough offers to pay her off instead, warning her that her father was not the man she thought he was. Tyrone successfully tricks Connors into thinking he is Billy's ghost. With Officer Fuchs recording Connors' confession, Detective O'Reilly arrests him for the death of Billy Johnson.

Tandy and Tyrone both go to a memorial Melissa Bowen holds every year to commemorate Nathan's death. Tandy and Tyrone are both drawn into Melissa's mind, discovering she hides memories of Nathan physically abusing her behind rosier images she would rather remember him by. Tandy, devastated by what she saw, accepts Scarborough's money in exchange for not leaking her father's memo. Later, O'Reilly goes to Fuchs' apartment and finds his dead body stuffed into his refrigerator.


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Character Actor
Tandy BowenOlivia Holt
Rachel Ryals (young)
Tyrone JohnsonAubrey Joseph
Maceo Smedley III (young)
Melissa BowenAndrea Roth
Adina JohnsonGloria Reuben
Otis JohnsonMiles Mussenden
Det. Brigid O'ReillyEmma Lahana
Detective ConnorsJ.D. Evermore
Ivan HessTim Kang
Peter ScarboroughWayne Péré
Officer FuchsLane Miller
Auntie ChantelleAngela Davis
Big Chief Roland DuplantierLuray Cooper
Billy JohnsonMarqus Clae
Nathan BowenAndy Dylan
Choo Choo BroussardGralen Banks

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