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Tyrone pulls Tandy into his cloak so she can find Mayhem, O'Reilly's aggressive half. She finds a mysterious being in the form of a younger Tyrone who calls itself "That Which Stands at the Crossroads." The being allows Tandy to continue on into this dark dimension as long as she agrees to not use her powers. She finds Mayhem inside what appears to be an abandoned mall. The two of them go further into the structure than Mayhem was able to on her own. After coming across signs that Connors has been living inside this mall for months, Tandy and Mayhem find a record store where all the records seem to be tied to the kidnapped girls. They find a section for Tandy and realize the records are the girls' memories. Tandy plays a few of her records that are still shrink-wrapped - memories of her father abusing her mother that she had repressed.

In the real world, the Uptown Block Kings learn Tyrone's name from a wanted poster. Even though he should still be safe at the church, O'Reilly warns him that they will be heading to his parents' house. He hurries home to save them, and reunites with his mother for the first time in months. He hurries her out the door as the gang members surround the house. They have to abandon their car when as they approach a police roadblock, narrowly avoiding the police by getting into a street car. One of the Uptown Block Kings - one Tyrone saved from Mayhem at the stash house - sees them, so they get out of the street car and hide in an abandoned convent. The gang member follows them inside, however, and calls other members of the gang for backup once he has them cornered. Tyrone and Adina manage to talk him down and get the gun from his hands. The only way Tyrone can see getting out of this is to use the gang member's phone to call the police, which scares off the other Uptown Block Kings and will allow Adina to get out of there unharmed. Even though O'Reilly tries to convince the police to go in capture Tyrone peacefully, her captain sends in a heavily-armed team to apprehend him.

Meanwhile, inside Tyrone's cloak, Mayhem catches Connors by surprise at his camp. Tandy stops her from lynching him, but she has to use her powers. Since she "broke the rules," a dark energy comes to remove her from the cloak. Tyrone is able to teleport back to the church before the police get to him, but Tandy and Connors have both been taken out of the dimension inside his cloak. Connors escapes through a window, but Tandy grabbed his badge to prove he's back.


Dagger / Tandy BowenOlivia Holt
Rachel Ryals
Cloak / Tyrone JohnsonAubrey Joseph
Melissa BowenAndrea Roth
Adina JohnsonGloria Reuben
Det. ConnorsJ.D. Evermore
Det. Brigid O'Reilly
Emma Lahana
SolomonJoshua J. Williams
"Young Tyrone"Maceo Smedley
Chief DuchampAndrea Frankle
Nathan BowenAndy Dylan
Uptown Block KingAlfred Smith
Detective #2Matthew Rimmer
Patrolman #1Rafael Villegas Jr.
Patrolman #2Randal Gonzalez
Detective #1Odessa Feaster

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