"Rabbit in a Snow Storm"
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Karen Page
I read your article.
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Ben Urich
About the subway line?
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Karen Page
About Union Allied Construction. I, um... I think there's more to the story... If you're interested.
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Synopsis for "Rabbit in a Snow Storm"

Murdock and Foggy take on a mysterious wealthy client, but Murdock is conviced there's more to the case than just the facts.


Matt MurdockCharlie Cox
Karen PageDeborah Ann Woll
Foggy NelsonElden Henson
James WesleyToby Leonard Moore
Ben UrichVondie Curtis-Hall
Leland OwlsleyBob Gunton
Vanessa MariannaAyelet Zurer
Wilson FiskVincent D'Onofrio
Father Paul LantomPeter McRobbie
Turk BarrettRob Morgan
Doris UrichAdriane Lenox
EllisonGeoffrey Cantor
Jennifer FisherWendy Moniz
John HealyAlex Morf
OscarDevin Harjes
Mr. ProhaszkaPeter Claymore
Shirley BensonSuzanne H. Smart
SilvioJack O'Connell
NormaGameela Wright
judgeKit Flanagan
prosecutorGeorge Sheffey
elderly jurorBarbara Haas


  • Ben Urich's office features numerous newspaper clippings, including two that reference The Incredible Hulk (titled "Harlem Terror"), and Marvel's The Avengers (titled "Battle of NY").
  • Wesley mentioned "Mr. Rigoletto" who recently "retired" from the business of organized crime. In the comics, Don Rigoletto is the name of the Kingpin of crime that preceded Wilson Fisk.

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