Quote1.png Claire, what do you expect from me, alright? I'm flailing here. A dead guy, a guy I witnessed burn to death, is somehow back in Hell's Kitchen. Alright? On top of that, Frank Castle kills the DA, and Wilson Fisk runs the prison that I sent him to. Quote2.png
-- Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Appearing in "The Man in The Box"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Man in The Box"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This is the only episode of season two in which all main cast members appear.



Character Actor
Daredevil / Matt Murdock Charlie Cox
Karen Page Deborah Ann Woll
Foggy Nelson Elden Henson
Punisher / Frank Castle Jon Bernthal
Elektra Natchios Elodie Yung
Blake Tower Stephen Rider
Claire Temple Rosario Dawson
Wilson Fisk Vincent D'Onofrio
Samantha Reyes Michelle Hurd
Detective Sgt. Brett Mahoney Royce Johnson
Benjamin Donovan Danny Johnson
Mitchell Ellison Geoffrey Cantor
Stan Gibson John Pirkis
Jacques Duchamps Gilles Marini
Agent Gallagher Caroline Strong
Louisa Delgado Marilyn Torres
Detective Sgt. Thompson Katt Masterson
Daniel Gibson Lucas Elliot Eberl
Uniformed Officer Chad Ackerman
Caged Woman Allison Winn
Miguel Valdez Lawrence Bingham

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