"Regrets Only"
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Quote1.png I hope your schedule is clear, buddy. 'cause The People v. Frank Castle... starts next week. Quote2.png
Foggy Nelson

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Synopsis for "Regrets Only"

A lethal foe returns with a vengeance, Foggy and Murdock risk the firm to ensure justice, and Karen sees a different side of the Punisher.


Daredevil / Matt MurdockCharlie Cox
Karen PageDeborah Ann Woll
Foggy NelsonElden Henson
Punisher / Frank CastleJon Bernthal
Elektra NatchiosElodie Yung
Detective Sgt. Brett MahoneyRoyce Johnson
Samantha ReyesMichelle Hurd
HirochiRon Nakahara
Stan GibsonJohn Pirkis
Christopher RothNeil Grayston
Judge Cynthia BatzerDeirdre Madigan
Louisa DelgadoMarilyn Torres
LeaderJames Yaegashi
ReportersAmy Halldin, Robyn Payne
DriverGeorge Papadimatos
Yakuza GuardHidenori Inoue
WaitressSelena Nelson

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