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Quote1.png Okay. Just for a minute... try... try to be Frank Castle. To be solely fueled by... by a single cluster of seconds. One moment in... in your entire life... and every time you close your eyes, you relive that moment. And every time you open them, you find only the briefest peace before you realize that that nightmare is real. That nothing has changed. Your family isn't coming back. And so you watch them die... all over again right in front of you. We're not talking about something that happened to Frank Castle, we're talking about something that is happening to him. Quote2.png
Karen Page


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Murdock and Foggy take on the DA in the trial of the century, but their client refuses to play along. Murdock struggles to balance his dual identities.


Daredevil / Matt MurdockCharlie Cox
Karen PageDeborah Ann Woll
Foggy NelsonElden Henson
Punisher / Frank CastleJon Bernthal
Elektra NatchiosElodie Yung
Blake TowerStephen Rider
Samantha ReyesMichelle Hurd
Judge Cynthia BatzerDeirdre Madigan
Dr. Gregory TepperEric Michael Gillett
Philip CabroniJoe Forbrich
BailiffMichael Kincade
Clean Young ManMichael Pantozzi
Corrections OfficerChristian Keiber
Middle-Aged ManCraig Bockhorn
Older WomanElizabeth Flax
ProstitutesLana Yoo, Hye Jin Jang
Single MomAna Maria Jomolca

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