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Quote1.png Frank Castle wanted to help. But he took it too far. He shot people. He killed people. It's against the law. And he broke the law many, many times. Now, I don't like him any more than you do, but here's the thing... he's not a common criminal. He's not malicious in intent. Frank Castle is actually a good man. He just doesn't know the difference between right and wrong anymore. And he doesn't need punishment for that. He needs help. Our help. That's the kind of man Frank Castle is, and now you have to decide what kind of jury you want to be. Quote2.png
Matt Murdock


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  • Stick's car


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Daredevil / Matt MurdockCharlie Cox
Karen PageDeborah Ann Woll
Foggy NelsonElden Henson
Punisher / Frank CastleJon Bernthal
Elektra NatchiosElodie Yung
Blake TowerStephen Rider
StickScott Glenn
Wilson FiskVincent D'Onofrio
Col. Ray SchoonoverClancy Brown
Samantha ReyesMichelle Hurd
Judge Cynthia BatzerDeirdre Madigan
Dr. Andrew LeeRandall McNeal
Roy OlskySteve Sanpietro
Brian CooleyValentino Musumeci
BailiffMichael Kincade
Corrections OfficeBrian Distance

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