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The Guardians of the Galaxy thank Thor for his help fighting the Symbiotes. A Symbiote starts to envelop Thor as he returns to Asgard. The Guardians follow him through the Bifrost, but they are unable to prevent the Symbiote from taking over his body. The Guardians and Heimdall are unable to stop the Thor Symbiote from reaching the World tree. The Symbiote bonds to the World Tree, using its power to spread "Symbiote spores" that infest all of Asgard. Heimdall tells Star-Lord, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon to awaken Odin from the Odinsleep while he, Drax and Groot hold off the symbiotes before they can reach the Bifrost and spread throughout the Galaxy. On their way to the Chamber of Renewal, the Guardians find Loki in one of Asgard's prison cells. They try to convince Loki to help them save Asgard in return for his freedom, but when that fails, he at least points them in Odin's direction. Odin, however, is already bonded to a Symbiote. The Guardians fight the Odin Symbiote, but are easily overpowered. Loki agrees to help them fight Odin on one condition - when this is over, the Guardians insist Odin pardon Loki for all of his crimes against Asgard. When the Guardians agree, Loki easily steps out of his own cell, having become the All-Father when Thor and Odin were corrupted by the symbiotes. Loki uses his scepter to teleport himself and the Guardians away from Odin. While on the way to the Bifrost, Loki secretly brainwashes Quill. Gamora and Drax are captured by the symbiotes defending the Bifrost. Loki double-crosses the Guardians by attempting to send the symbiotes to Earth. As the Guardians fight Loki, Odin and the other Symbiote-infested Asgardians break down the doors to the observatory. Rocket Raccoon hooks up a weapon to Mjolnir, allowing him to summon its lightning. He fires at the World Tree to free Thor from the Symbiote's control. He rejoins the Guardians of the Galaxy at Heimdall's observatory. Thor frees Odin, who then frees everyone else from the symbiotes. Odin thanks the Guardians for their valor, and grants them one request. Loki's magic compels Quill to request Odin pardon Loki for all of his crimes. Thor removes Loki's shackles and watches his brother teleport far away from Asgard. Thor lets Rocket ride around on Mjolnir to make up for Star-Lord wasting their request.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Trevor Devall
Kevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
ThorTravis Willingham
LokiTroy Baker
OdinFrank Welker

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