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The Guardians of the Galaxy go to Earth after the Nova Corps offer 10 million-unit reward for the return of a missing Centurion helmet. They find Sam Alexander, the human using the helmet, and chase him to the Moon. Before Sam loses control of the helmet's powers, the Guardians take him on board the Milano to convince him to hand over the helmet. Sam tells them the helmet belong to his father, and that he won't hand over the helmet until he can find him. The Guardians take him to Knowhere, hoping the criminal elements there will scare Sam into giving up his quest to find his father. They get into a fight with a group of Ravagers who want to collect the reward on the helmet, but Sam easily overpowers them (and wrecks Starlin's in the process). This display of force only draws more attention to Sam, however, and his helmet soon picks up a signal that he might think come from his father. Sam follows the signal despite the Guardians' warnings, falling right into the Believers' trap on Spartax. Mantis convinces Sam to come with her by promising to help him find his father. Mantis fights the Guardians while Sam leaves to find the Believers' patriarch, who Mantis says can lead him to his father. Mantis' belief powers are enhanced by belief-energy batteries, and she reveals the Spartaxian military is responsible for the creation of the Universal Believers. The Guardians manage to wield the batteries' belief energy for themselves and defeat Mantis. Meanwhile, Sam tries to break the Believers' patriarch - J'son - out of his prison. The Guardians try to convince Sam to come with them, but the temptation of finding his father is too great for Sam to resist. He turns on the Guardians, and escapes Spartax with Mantis and J'son.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket RaccoonTrevor Devall
Starlin's bouncer
Kevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
MantisJennifer Hale
Nova / Sam AlexanderLogan Miller
James Arnold Taylor
VictoriaCree Summer
Jesse AlexanderNolan North
Eva AlexanderMelanie Minichino


  • The game Peter Quill plays "Turbo Plumber Cousins", is based on the real life "Super Mario Brothers" game franchise.
  • When Peter attempts to harness the belief energy, his difficulty in creating a construct into merely a small ball is possibly a nod to the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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