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The Nova Corps trace the energy from Sam's helmet to the Milano. Sam attacks the Corpsmen when they demand the Guardians of the Galaxy turn the helmet over to them. While the Guardians are busy with the Nova Corps, Sam flees to Earth. When he gets back to his home town, Sam is shocked to discover he's been gone a whole week. Sam goes to school to take his finals, only for J'son to arrive on Earth and attack the school, demanding Sam turn over his father's helmet. Sam's helmet explodes out of his locker, and Sam leads J'son away from the school. Sam hesitates to deliver a finishing blow on J'son when it might hurt innocent bystanders, giving J'Son the opening to attack Sam. The Guardians arrive just in time to help Sam fight J'son, but the helmet's powers allow J'son to overpower all of them. J'son escapes without Sam's helmet. Sam hurries home to see his mother and sister, only to find J'son (disguised as a police officer) already talking to his mother. Sam's mother, picking up on her son's signals about the officer, sneakily gives Sam back his helmet so he and the Guardians of the Galaxy can fight J'son. Gamora arrives in the Milano followed by the Nova Corps to capture J'son, but J'son uses the helmet's power to "go supernova" to escape from them. Before he can go "supernova" again, Sam grabs J'son and flies into the upper atmosphere, where J'son can release that energy without hurting anyone. J'son is seemingly vaporized by the explosion, while Sam loses consciousness and falls back to Earth. Later, the Guardians of the Galaxy convince the Nova Corps to let Sam keep his father's helmet as long as they train him to use it responsibly.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Trevor Devall
Nova Corps pilot
Kevin Michael Richardson
Sam's teacher
Vanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
Kaelynn Alexander
Della Saba
Nova / Sam AlexanderLogan Miller
Rhomann Dey
Principal Philbin
Jeff Bennett
J'SonJonathan Frakes
Eva AlexanderMelanie Minichino

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