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  • Milano
  • The High Evolutionary's ship


Since he last saw the Guardians of the Galaxy, Adam Warlock has been travelling the galaxy in search of a purpose, eventually taking to absorbing villains into his cosmic gem so only good could exist in the universe. As he tries to catch the Guardians up on his adventures, the Milano is attacked by Fin Fang Foom. The "giant space dragon" (as the Guardians call him) damages their ship, sending them into the vacuum of space. The Guardians are unable to stop him, and the monster incinerates Groot into a pile of ashes. Warlock absorbs Fin Fang Foom into his cosmic gem, the size and the power of the beast clearly taking a toll on him. Groot, meanwhile, is reborn from his ashes, and Warlock soon returns him to his normal size. Rocket storms off when Warlock suggests he could do the same for all of Groot's people. When Warlock asks what's wrong, Rocket shows him a recording of his family, who have all been de-evolved into normal, unintelligent raccoons. Warlock promises Rocket he can use his powers to evolve Rocket's family back to how he knew them. Rocket and Warlock leave for Halfworld in secret because Rocket doesn't want to be embarrassed when this doesn't work. Warlock tries to use his healing abilities on Rocket's family, but he loses control of his powers when the three raccoons attack them. Rocket and his family are absorbed into Warlock's gem. They're quickly attacked by Fin Fang Foom. While Rocket tries to get himself and his family away from Fin Fang Foom, all of them are abducted by the High Evolutionary.

Rocket makes a deal with the mad scientist to "fix" his family in exchange for a way out of Warlock's gem. The High Evolutionary uses Fin Fang Doom's life energy to power the procedure on Rocket's family. The other Guardians, meanwhile, have realized what Rocket and Warlock are up to and head to Halfworld. They find Adam Warlock struggling to contain the darkness within his gem, as Fin Fang Foom's pain put him over the edge. His out-of-control powers threaten everyone, including himself. Groot is accidentally absorbed into the gem, where he soon finds Rocket on the High Evolutionary's ship. They free Fin Fang Foom and the raccoons from the High Evolutionary's machines, but the Makluan monster is still out of control. Rocket leads Fin Fang Foom away from the ship and annoy him even more so his pain forces Warlock to open a portal out of the gem. Rocket, Groot, and the raccoons return to Halfworld on the dragon's back. Warlock expels the High Evolutionary's ship from his gem soon afterwards. The mad scientist loses interest in Fin Fang Foom when he sees the genetic perfection that is Adam Warlock. Before he can be abducted, Rocket detonates a series of bombs he planet on the High Evolutionary's ship. Fin Fang Foom follows the ship as it crashes down to Halfworld. Warlock apologizes to Rocket for failing to evolve his family, and Rocket accepts that his family might never be who they once were. His family, however, refuses to simply leave them, so they take the raccoons to Planet Y where they can live with Groot's people and the Klyntar. Before they leave, one of the raccoons shows Rocket that he doesn't need to miss them because now he has Groot instead.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket RaccoonTrevor Devall
GrootKevin Michael Richardson
Vanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
High EvolutionaryNolan North
Adam WarlockEric Bauza


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