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Gamora trains Adam Warlock to fight without relying on his gem, but when her training gets too intense for him, Warlock panics and instinctively pulls Gamora into his gem. Warlock frees her, and wants to purge himself of his negative emotions before he endangers the entire galaxy. The Guardians of the Galaxy go to Starlin's to unwind, but Gamora starts a fight with the other patrons anyway. Yondu and the Ravagers sell out Adam Warlock to the Collector during the confusion. One of the Collector's drones captures Warlock during the brawl and brings him to the Collector's ship. Once the Guardians realize Adam is missing, Gamora interrogates Yondu for information about his whereabouts, while Cosmo finds the location of the Collector's ship. Gamora jumps through Cosmo's teleportation beam to the Collector's ship without taking a passport get back. Rocket follows after her while the rest of the team catch up to the Collector's ship in the Milano. Gamora frees Warlock from the Collector's machines, and the two of them fight an alien from Tivan's collection that wants to eat them. When the alien immobilizes Gamora, Warlock taps into his darker nature to kill the alien. Warlock then takes on the Collector himself, and almost kills him before Gamora - who realizes she's leading Warlock down the same twisted path Thanos put her on - convinces Warlock to spare him. Rocket saves both Warlock and Gamora when the Collector takes advantage of Warlock's mercy. Later, while working on repairing the Milano, Warlock lets Gamora relive a memory of her parents that brings her to tears.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Patron #1
Trevor Devall
GrootKevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
The Collector
Tom Kenny
Adam WarlockEric Bauza
James Arnold Taylor

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