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  • J'son
  • Black Order
    • Corvus Glaive (Apparent death)
    • Proxima Midnight (Apparent death)
    • Ebony Maw (Apparent death)
    • Black Dwarf (Apparent death)

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Adam Warlock senses all five of the Centurion helmets are active. He leaves on his own to take on J'Son when the rest of the Guardians want to avoid him at all costs. The Guardians follow after him, but the run right into J'Son and the Black Order - all of whom wear a Centurion helmet. Star-Lord leaves the Milano to help Warlock face them. Star-Lord's mask is damaged during the fight, rendering him unable to breathe in outer space. Warlock takes Quill to a planet with a breathable atmosphere. Star-Lord teaches Warlock how to fight the Black Order using tricks so he doesn't have to tap into his gem's darker powers. J'Son, however, takes them by surprise, and blasts his son with his Centurion helmet's power to force Adam to bring out his darker nature. Warock is suddenly transported across the galaxy when the rest of the Guardians and Xeron use the beacon to bring him to Drax's homeworld. Warlock demands they send him back, but the beacon can only summon him. The Guardians come up with a plan to use the beacon to lure the Centurion helmets to the planet. The Guardians, Warlock and Xeron fight J'Son and the Black Order, but the power of the Centurion helmets is too much for them. Left with no other options, Warlock agrees to go with J'son to save his friends. J'Son, however, demands Warlock kill Drax and Xeron before he frees Star-Lord, and takes Peter into the upper atmosphere to force Warlock's hand. Warlock appears to destroy Drax and Xeron to buy time. Rocket uses the beacon to summon the Centurion helmets, separating them from their hosts. Without the helmets' power, J'Son and the Black Order are no match for Warlock, the Guardians and Xeron. Before he's defeated, J'Son grabs the beacon and uses its power to protect himself. Warlock is forced to draw J'Son into his gem to stop him, but absorbing J'Son is enough to corrupt the gem. Warlock transforms into Magus, destroys the Black Order, and declares himself the sole ruler of the galaxy.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket RaccoonTrevor Devall
GrootKevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
J'sonJonathan Frakes
Black DwarfJesse Burch
Ebony MawJames Urbaniak
Proxima MidnightKari Wahlgren
Corvus GlaiveDavid Kaye
Adam WarlockEric Bauza
XeronMorla Gorrondona


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