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  • Believers' flagship (Only in recap)
  • Milano
  • The High Evolutionary's ship


After losing Gamora to the cocoon, Star-Lord respects her last wishes by pushing the cocoon into an ice volcano to prevent anyone from opening it. They barely escape the volcano when the cocoon's energy causes it to erupt. Back on the Milano, the Guardians mourn their loss. Star-Lord accidentally bangs the Quantum Bands together, transporting him to the realm inside the cocoon while Gamora takes his place on the Milano. Inside the cocoon, Quill and Gamora fight Nebula and avoid the High Evolutionary's henchmen, all the while dodging the giant icicles from the volcano falling into the cocoon. Gamora and Nebula sneak onto the High Evolutionary's ship to get out of the ice storm. Inside, they find the High Evolutionary experimenting on Yondu. Meanwhile, the Guardians try to pull the cocoon out of the volcano, but their plans are thrown off each time Quill and Gamora trade places. Nebula tackles Quill and pushes the Quantum Bands together, bringing her out of the cocoon's realm with him. She takes the Quantum Bands from him, and Groot grabs her arms and pushes them together, sending them both inside the cocoon. Groot sends Nebula back out of the cocoon, where Star-Lord and Rocket trap her in a block of ice. They tap the Quantum Bands together again, sending her back in (still trapped in the ice), and bringing Gamora and Groot out. The Quantum Bands shatter as Nebula sinks to the bottom of a lake. Later, the Guardians hand the cocoon over to the Nova Corps for safe-keeping.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Trevor Devall
Guard captain
Kevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
Rhomann DeyJeff Bennett
High EvolutionaryNolan North
NebulaCree Summer

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