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The story revisits the mid-credits scene from Thor: The Dark World. Lady Sif and Volstagg arrive at Knowhere to hand over the second Infinity Stone, the Aether to the Taneleer Tivan, the Collector. They deem it unwise to keep it on Asgard in the vicinity of another Infinity Stone. Tivan graciously accepts their offering, then orders his assistant Carina to open up the communications channel for The Conjunction, a black market of alien tech and other items of interest.

Gamora arrives at the Conjunction and slays a few aliens threatening to harass her. She is there to meet Tivan who appears in holographic form, fearing an assassination by Gamora. He informs her that The Orb is in Morag and has become accessible to be retrieved. While Gamora is hesitant to hand over The Orb to Tivan, she still considers it a better option than having it fall in the hands of Ronan The Accuser. The duo strike a deal with Gamora promising to retrieve The Orb for him in exchange for some units.

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