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Synopsis for "Rock Your Baby"

The cocoon opens despite the Guardians' best effort to keep it closed. A baby is born from the cocoon, which Cosmo identifies as the mythic being known only as "Warlock." Mantis and the Believers try to take Warlock from them, but Warlock pulls their Belief energy into a gem in his head. The Believers let the Guardians leave with Warlock, but soon follow after them. The Nova Corps also go after the Guardians since the Centurion helmet they turned over to Nova Prime has gone haywire. The helmet allows the disgraced former Corpsman Titus to escape from his cell. Titus uses the helmet to attack Nova Prime and go on the run from the Nova Corps so he can settle a score with the Guardians. Warlock's powers help the Guardians escape, but they also advance Warlock's age. As the Guardians try to handle the all-powerful toddler, Titus breaks onto the Milano and kidnaps Warlock. He brings Warlock to a nearby planet where he plans to train him to destroy both the Nova Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians try to rescue Warlock (now the age of a child) from him, but the helmet makes him too strong for them to defeat. When the Nova Corps descends on them, Titus demands Warlock use his powers to destroy them, while Star-Lord tells him he can use his powers to defeat Titus. Titus' and Star-Lord's conflicting demands frustrate Warlock, causing him to lash out against all of them. The gem on his head turns dark, allowing Titus to attack him. Warlock instead pulls Titus and the Nova Corps ships into the gem, and surrounds himself with a maelstrom of his energy. Gamora grabs the Centurion helmet, which gives her the history of Warlock and the Nova Corps. The original Corpsmen were Warlock's protectors, but if he ever became a force of evil - signified by his gem turning a dark color - they would become his destroyers. Quill braves the maelstrom to speak to Warlock personally, telling him that he doesn't need to be a force for evil, and can instead choose his own path. This calms Warlock down, and he ages into an adult. Star-Lord gives him the new name "Adam Warlock." He thanks the Guardians for all they've done for him, gives Groot the power to restore his people, frees the Nova Corps fighters from the gem, and bids them all farewell. As he flies away, Nova Prime suggests the whole galaxy will need to be put on alert. Star-Lord, on the other hand, thinks everything will be okay...


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Trevor Devall
GrootKevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
CosmoJames Arnold Taylor
MantisJennifer Hale
Nova Prime
Young Warlock
Tara Strong
TitusJB Blanc
Adam WarlockEric Bauza

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