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  • Jackie Lrurt (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)


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Synopsis for "Mr. Roboto"

The Guardians of the Galaxy seek out Jackie Lrurt, a master weapon designer (and Rocket Raccoon's hero), in hopes she can build them a weapon powerful enough to stop J'Son and the five Centurion helmets before he reappears. Ja Kyee lives alone in self-imposed exile on a deserted planet. As they approach Jackie's tower, the Guardians are ambushed by her J.L. Sentries. The Sentries throw the Guardians in the tower's dungeon, where they find Jackie herself has been taken prisoner. She explains to them how she built the Sentries to help people, only for them to go to war with another of her creations, the Ultroids. She then built a giant EMP emitter to destroy both the Sentries and the Ultroids, but was captured before she could use it. The Sentries take Jackie away to torture her until she agrees to make more of them. The Guardians escape from their cell to rescue Jackie. Star-Lord has Rocket get Jackie out of her restraints while the rest of the Guardians escape to the Milano and carry Rocket, Jackie, and the device she's strapped to behind in their tractor beam. Rocket, however, is too star-struck to focus on getting her out of the machine. The Sentries fire on the Milano damaging the beam and causing Rocket and Jackie to fall from the Milano. They land safely, only to encounter the Ultroids. The Milano pick up Rocket and Jackie when the Ultroids and Sentries are too distracted fighting each other to notice them. They then head to the Ultroids' fortress, where Jackie kept the EMP device. Star-Lord distracts the Sentry and Ultroid armies outside the fortress with a game of tic-tac-toe while the rest sneak inside. Jackie activates her device, but the Ultroids are made aware of their presence when Rocket can't resist getting inside one of Jackie's mech suits. Jackie, Gamora, Drax and Groot also get inside mech suits to protect themselves once the Ultroids destroy Jackie's EMP. They escape from the fortress and help Star-Lord fight the Ultroids and Sentries waiting for them. Rocket gets the idea to join the mech suits together, using their universal hex-bolt design to make them one, giant mech suit. Together, the "Jackie-Hammer" has enough firepower to destroy all of the Sentries and Ultroids. Once the battle is over, Jackie admits she has no idea how to stop something as powerful and as ancient as a Nova Centurion helmet. She does, however, think Rocket Raccoon might be able figure it out, and signs his hex-bolt to motivate him.


  • When Star-Lord asked Jackie if her robots turns into anything like "trucks or planes", is probably a reference to the transformers franchise.
  • The way Peter Quill says "Shall we play a game?", is a reference on the 1980s film; Wargames.


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Character Actor
Star-Lord / Peter Quill
Supreme Ultroid
Will Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Sentry Commander
Sentry Leader
Trevor Devall
GrootKevin Michael Richardson
Ultroid Commander
Vanessa Marshall
David Sobolov
Jackie LrurtToks Olagundoye

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