"Black Helmet Woman"
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  • Earth-17628
    • Arankhi (Photo)
    • Unnamed desert planet
    • Tashlu
    • Panoris



Synopsis for "Black Helmet Woman"

The Guardians find the sarcophagus on the desert planet where Yondu took it, but the energy that once came from it is gone. They're attacked by Nebula, donned in a powerful battle armor, who believes the sarcophagus rightfully belongs to her as a daughter of Thanos. A black Nova Corps helmet and a pair of wristbands fall out of the sarcophagus during the fight. Gamora reluctantly puts on the helmet to defeat her sister. The helmet floods her mind with information about the contents of the sarcophagus, including a cocoon that vaporized the High Evolutionary. Suspecting the Universal Believers have the cocoon, he Guardians and Nebula go to the resort owned by the Believers on Tashlu. Gamora uses the helmet to rescue Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket and Drax when the Believers corner them during the heist. The helmet's power makes her more violent, leading her to almost kill a Believers after he tells her the cocoon is on the Believer flagship. The other Guardians stop Gamora from killing him, but not her seriously injuring Groot. On their way to the Believer flagship, they are contact by Nova Prime, who warns them that the helmet drains its user of their life energy. When Mantis and the Believers trap the Milano in their belief energy, Gamora again uses the helmet to escape the energy and attack the flagship. The Guardians board the flagship as it begins to fall out of orbit. They fight their way to the cocoon, which the Believers have almost opened. The helmet falls off Gamora when it drains her of her life energy. Nebula and Gamora fight over the helmet. To save the helmet from Nebula and prevent the cocoon from opening, Gamora sacrifices herself to drag them both into the cocoon. The Guardians grab the cocoon and run back to the Milano as the flagship crashes onto the planet below. They turn the helmet over to Nova Prime, but keep the cocoon and wrist bands a secret from them.


Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Trevor Devall
Guard captain
Kevin Michael Richardson
GamoraVanessa Marshall
DraxDavid Sobolov
MantisJennifer Hale
Nova Prime
Automatic voice
Tara Strong
NebulaCree Summer

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