"Can't Get It Out of My Head"

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"Can't Get It Out of My Head"

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  • Warlock's cocoon


Synopsis for "Can't Get It Out of My Head"

The Guardians of the Galaxy want to break into the Believers' flagship to steal the technology to restore Cosmo's psychic powers, but as they try to leave Knowhere, the ancient Celestial's eye starts to close. The Milano crashes before it can make it to the Believer ship. The flagship crashing into Knowhere converted the station and its inhabitants into zombie-like devotees of the Universal Believers. Because they're being used against their will, the Guardians refuse to hurt the zombies, even as they take the Milano apart piece by piece. Star-Lord is turned into a zombie. The rest of the Guardians and Cosmo try get to the Continuum Cortex to teleport them to the flagship, but are eventually surrounded by the zombies. They get away and try to hold them off as Rocket and Cosmo fix the Continuum Cortex, but Gamora becomes a zombie, too. The rest discover the zombies are building a Believer weapon. The flagship has hijacked Knowhere, sending it towards Xandar so they can use the weapon to force the cocoon open. Drax, Groot, and Rocket fight the zombified Quill and Gamora, barely escaping to pods that they fly towards the Believer ship. They use the pods to push the Believer ship out of Knowhere, but the zombies' Belief energy propels the ship and Knowhere towards Xandar. With no other option, Drax plays Star-Lord's guide to zombies. Rocket gets an idea from it, but is attacked by Cosmo who became a zombie. After taking care of Cosmo, Rocket pulls the Believer ship straight through Knowhere, coming out the other side of the head. Star-Lord, Gamora, and the rest are freed from the ship's influence and return to normal. However, Mantis broadcasts a message across Knowhere celebrating the imminent firing of the weapon. Since the Continuum Cortex has been fixed, Rocket uses Cosmo's collar to teleport onto the Believer ship. Cosmo absorbs the Belief energy from the weapon, preventing it from opening the cocoon. The energy restores Cosmo's psychic powers, but it soon proves to be too much for the dog to handle. The cocoon starts to open...


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  • Star-Lord learned most of what he learned about zombies from the music video for Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

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Character Actor
Star-Lord / Peter QuillWill Friedle
Rocket Raccoon
Gate operator
Trevor Devall
Blood Brothers
Kevin Michael Richardson
Vanessa Marshall
David Sobolov
James Arnold Taylor
MantisJennifer Hale

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