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Season 1

  1. Star-Lord: Part 1
  2. Star-Lord: Part 2
  3. Gamora: Part 1
  4. Gamora: Part 2
  5. Rocket Raccoon: Part 1
  6. Rocket Raccoon: Part 2
  7. Groot: Part 1
  8. Groot: Part 2
  9. Drax: Part 1
  10. Drax: Part 2

Season 2

  1. Pick up the Pieces
  2. Star-Lord vs. MODOK
  3. Drax Attacks!
  4. Rocket! Groot! Man-Thing!
  5. Gamora Strikes!
  6. Guardians Reunited!

The first season depicts origin stories of each guardians backstory. The second takes place after the Guardians victory over Thanos, they remain stuck on Earth while each member searches for parts to fix the Milano.


  • Elements from each of the origins shorts appear to set up events similar to the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, however they're not canon to the MCU.




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