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Maximus to Black Bolt


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jane (Only appearance)[1] (Apparent death)
  • Callisto Aerospace (First appearance)
    • Louise Fisher (First appearance)
    • George Ashland (First appearance)
    • Several unnamed engineers
  • Iridia (First appearance)
  • Bronaja (First appearance)


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Lunar Rover (Destroyed)


Triton, an Inhuman from Attilan, goes to Oahu to find a girl who recently underwent Terrigenesis. Before he can bring her back to Attilan, they are ambushed by a strike team that kills the woman and forces Triton to dive off a cliff into the ocean to escape. In Attilan, the Royal Family - Black Bolt (the King), Medusa (the Queen), Maximus (Black Bolt's brother), Karnak (their chief adviser), and Gorgon (the captain of the royal guard) - meet to discuss Gorgon's handling of a lunar rover that came too close to the city's walls. Maximus believes the Inhumans need to be proactive about the humans' encroaching on Attilan and reclaim their home on Earth, but Black Bolt communicates to his brother that he must trust in his king.

The Royal Family attends the Terrigenesis Ceremony of two siblings. The Terrigen mists give Iridia large butterfly wings she can use to fly, but her brother Bronaja emerges from the Terrigenesis chamber seemingly unchanged. Bronaja has a seizure-inducing vision of snakes pinning Maximus against a wall when Maximus - himself unaffected by the mists - puts his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Maximus takes the two siblings back to the lower caste living quarters. Due to its limited size, the citizens of Attilan are divided into strict castes, with Inhumans who are unaffected by the mists or are given less valuable abilities are forced into a lower caste that works in the mines under the city. When one lower caste citizen criticizes him for not having to work in the mines like the rest of them, Maximus gives them hope that the caste system could come to an end if they could leave the Moon for Earth.

Maximus interrupts the Royal Family's dinner with evidence of Triton's mission to Earth. Black Bolt explains that he sent Triton to Earth to find humans who have underwent Terrigenesis since Terrigen contaminated Earth's water supply and bring them to Attilan where they can live free of persecution. Maximus questions the wisdom of this plan given Attilan's limited resources, but is again told to trust his king. Lockjaw (the Royal Family's teleporting dog) takes Gorgon to Earth to rescue Triton. After Black Bolt isolates himself to think, Maximus suggests to Medusa that he would make for a better king than his brother, and that Medusa should be his queen instead. Medusa, outraged by the suggestion, pins Maximus against a wall with her Inhuman hair. As she leaves, Maximus realizes the vision came true.

Maximus launches a coup to make himself the king of Attilan, beginning with having Auran execute the head of the Genetic Council after he refused to back Maximus. He then sends the royal guard to capture or kill Karnak, and receives word from a strike team on Earth (the same one that attacked Triton) that Gorgon is in their sight. Both Karnak and Gorgon escape from Maximus' soldiers. Karnak hurries to find Crystal (Medusa's younger sister) so Lockjaw can get her away from Attilan before Maximus finds her, but Crystal has Lockjaw take Karnak to where he left Gorgon so she can find and escape with Medusa. Meanwhile, Maximus and the royal guard find Medusa. Although she fights them off with her hair, she's eventually overwhelmed, and Maximus shaves her head. Crystal and Lockjaw find the traumatized Medusa and sends her to Earth. With Medusa out of the way, Maximus goes to confront Black Bolt, who is still in isolation and has not heard of Maximus' coup. Lockjaw intervenes and takes Black Bolt to Earth before he can use his powerful voice on his brother.

Lockjaw leaves Black Bolt in the middle of downtown Honolulu, where his sudden appearance causes a traffic accident. Each member of the Royal Family Lockjaw took to Earth have been left in a different part of Oahu. One of the royal guard makes Lockjaw fall asleep when he returns to Attilan to rescue Crystal, who has since been captured by Maximus and his soldiers. Maximus announces to the people of Attilan that the Royal Family have fled the city. He pretends not to know why, but promises them that justice will be served.


Black BoltAnson Mount
Lofton Shaw (Young)
MedusaSerinda Swan
V.I.P. (Young)
KarnakKen Leung
GorgonEme Ikwuakor
CrystalIsabelle Cornish
Louise FisherEllen Woglom
MaximusIwan Rheon
TritonMike Moh
AuranSonya Balmores
Inhuman girlNicola Peltz
KitangMarco Rodriguez
George AshlandTom Wright
AgonMichael Buie
RyndaTanya Clarke
BronajaAri Dalbert
LoyolisAaron Hendry
ParipanStephanie Anne Lewis
IridiaAndra Nechita
Hunter OneGarret T. Sato
Outspoken InhumanAllen Clifford Cole
Royal guard sergeantJason Lee Hoy
DuodonSteve Trzaska
Lovely Inhuman serverJenna Bleu Forti
PulsusJason Quinn


  • A version of this and the second episodes were given a limited release in IMAX theaters as Marvel's Inhumans: The First Chapter on September 1, 2017.


  • This is the only episode in the first season of Marvel's Inhumans whose title does not directly come from any classic comics in which members of the Inhuman Royal Family appear.

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