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Medusa communicates with Black Bolt through their comlinks to let each other know they are alright. She takes a tour bus into Honolulu when she hears the sounds of the city's traffic through Black Bolt's comlink. Karnak hurts himself while trying to climb down a ridge. Gorgon, still trying to find Triton, walks past the shoreline, and is rescued by surfers when the undertow pulls him underwater. In Attilan, Crystal tries to fight Auran when she brings her Crystal her food, but the threat of what they might do to Lockjaw forces her to stand down. Crystal contacts Medusa when Auran "accidentally" leaves her comlink behind, which Medusa realizes is a trap for the royal guard to track her location.

Gorgon makes contact with Maximus, letting him know he's ready to take on whoever he sends after him. Maximus orders Auran to take Eldrac to Earth so she can take care of the Royal Family - making sure to kill Black Bolt and Gorgon. She first heads after Medusa because she already knows her location. Auran finds the tour bus Medusa took into the city, but Medusa was waiting for her. Auran thinks she has the upper hand because Medusa does not have her powerful hair, but Medusa stabs her in the stomach with a knife she stole from a tourist. Meanwhile, Black Bolt runs afoul of the Honolulu police department when he doesn't pay for new clothes so he can blend in. Black Bolt can fight off the police officers, but he accidentally uses his powers and sends a police car flying when one of the officers uses a taser on him. The police arrest Black Bolt. Medusa tries to contact him while he's being processed. She promises to find him, and together they will return to Attilan and take back his throne.

Maximus secures his power by forcing the Genetic Council to accept him as Attilan's king. He then heads to the mines to find Bronaja and his father, promising them and the other lower caste Inhumans they will have a place in Maximus' new society. Attilan's lower castes cheer on as Maximus announces his ascension to the throne and his bold vision for the Inhumans' future on Earth.

Auran suddenly awakens where Medusa left her for dead. She uses her Inhuman abilities to heal her wounds, and sends word to Maximus requesting backup.


Black BoltAnson Mount
MedusaSerinda Swan
KarnakKen Leung
GorgonEme Ikwuakor
CrystalIsabelle Cornish
Louise FisherEllen Woglom
MaximusIwan Rheon
TritonMike Moh
AuranSonya Balmores
George AshlandTom Wright
SurferTy Quiamboa
BronajaAri Dalbert
LoyolisAaron Hendry
MakaniKala Alexander
PabloAlbert Ueligitone
EldracMoses Goods
CowboyDan Cooke
Tourist husbandNolan Hong


  • A version of this and the premiere episodes were given a limited release in IMAX theaters as Marvel's Inhumans: The First Chapter on September 1, 2017.


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