"AKA Crush Syndrome"

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"AKA Crush Syndrome"
Tim Iacofano

Quote1 God didn't do this. The devil did. And I'm going to find him. Quote2
-- Jessica Jones

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  • MTA Bus M57 Crosstown (Destroyed) (Only in flashback)

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  • In this episode, the MetLife Building is seen in the New York skyline. This is odd because at this point in the Earth-199999 universe, majority of the building is supposed to be replaced with the Avengers Tower. Furthermore, despite being seen in the marketing of both Marvel's Jessica Jones and Marvel's Daredevil, the Avengers Tower never makes an appearance in the shows themselves.
  • Jessica takes the identification badge of a "J. Pannuccio" while at Metro General Hospital. The name is a reference to the show's assistant property master, Jessica Panuccio.
  • While in disguise, Jessica says she's under the orders of a Dr. Carter. This could possibly be a reference to Dr. John Carter of from the television series ER. Additionally, Jessica says she's a transferee from the hospital Seattle Grace, which is the main setting of the television series Grey's Anatomy.

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Character Actor
Jessica JonesKrysten Ritter
Luke CageMike Colter
Trish WalkerRachael Taylor
Hope ShlottmanErin Moriarty
Malcolm DucasseEka Darville
Jeri HogarthCarrie-Anne Moss
KilgraveDavid Tennant
PamSusie Abromeit
RubenKieran Mulcare
ZackKobi Libii
Roy HealyJoseph Ragno
Maureen DentonLeslie Lyles
Dr. David KurataThom Sesma
Det. Oscar ClemonsClarke Peters
Gina LinettiNedra McClyde
Reva ConnorsParisa Fitz-Henley
RobynColby Minifie
Andre LinettiNeimah Djourabchi
YulianaAthena Colon
Jack DentonBen Kahre

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