"AKA Top Shelf Perverts"
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Quote1.png You know what happens when you burn a bridge? You gotta learn to swim. Or fly. Quote2.png
Roy Healy

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Synopsis for "AKA Top Shelf Perverts"

Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rogue to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.


Jessica JonesKrysten Ritter
Trish WalkerRachael Taylor
Will SimpsonWil Traval
Malcolm DucasseEka Darville
Jeri HogarthCarrie-Anne Moss
KilgraveDavid Tennant
PamSusie Abromeit
RubenKieran Mulcare
Wendy Ross-HogarthRobin Weigert
Dorothy WalkerRebecca De Mornay
Roy HealyJoseph Ragno
Det. Oscar ClemonsClarke Peters
RobynColby Minifie
Sgt. Brett MahoneyRoyce Johnson
Young JessicaElizabeth Cappuccino
Young TrishCatherine Blades
Homeless manPatrick Richwood
ContractorMauricio Ovalle
Pissed Off MomErica Aubrey
Bratty girlMia Ciccarelle


  • Roy assumes that Jessica is going to tell Luke that she "loves him, wants him back, and is going to have his baby." This is a reference to the comics, where Jessica and Luke do have a baby together.
  • Sgt. Brett Mahoney, who first appeared in Marvel's Daredevil, makes an appearance in this episode, making him the first character to appear on both Marvel Netflix series.
  • Ben Urich's article on the Union Allied scandal from the Marvel's Daredevil episode "Into the Ring" appears on a corkboard in the police precinct.
  • Stan Lee appears as a policeman in a picture that is hung on a wall in the background of the police precinct, which is the same way he made his appearance in Marvel's Daredevil.

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