Quote1.png Welcome home, Jessica Jones! Quote2.png
-- Kilgrave

Appearing in "AKA WWJD?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Kilgrave (Main story and flashback) (Origin revealed)
  • Hank (First appearance)
  • Chuck (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "AKA WWJD?"

Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth's conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.


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  • Jessica compares Kilgrave to Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi because Kilgrave's mind-control abilities resemble Obi-Wan's "Jedi mind trick".
  • In Jeri's email folder, she has received emails from numerous people, some of whom are K. Calevro, MK. Pedro, and S. Douglass. These are references to the names Kami Calevro, Mary Kate Pedro, and Sally Douglass, who serve as the first assistant accountant, second assistant accountant, and payroll accountant of the series, respectively.
  • James Colby, the actor who portrayed Brian Jones, previously appeared as Lt. Bill Cranston on the DC Comics television series Gotham, while Slate Holmgren, the actor who portrayed Robinson, previously appeared as a Ravencroft guard in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Character Actor
Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter
Trish Walker Rachael Taylor
Will Simpson Wil Traval
Jeri Hogarth Carrie-Anne Moss
Kilgrave David Tennant
Pam Susie Abromeit
Wendy Ross-Hogarth Robin Weigert
Elizabeth De Luca Kathleen Doyle
Young Jessica Elizabeth Cappuccino
Young Kilgrave James Freedson-Jackson
Albert Thompson Michael Siberry
Alisa Jones Miriam Shor
Brian Jones James Colby
Phillip Jones Billy McFadden
Hank Mazin Akar
Chuck Ryan Jonze
Alva Rivera Adela Bolet
Laurent Bouchard Robert Verlaque
Robinson Slate Holmgren
Desmond Tobey Mark Lotito

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