Quote1.png Smile, Kevin. Be a big boy for mommy and daddy. Quote2.png
-- Louise Thompson

Appearing in "AKA Sin Bin"

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Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "AKA Sin Bin"

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  • The signature red, white, and blue Adrenaline pills of Will's comic book counterpart make an appearance in this episode. Will even says the famous "Give me a red," line.


Character Actor
Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter
Trish Walker Rachael Taylor
Will Simpson Wil Traval
Hope Shlottman Erin Moriarty
Malcolm Ducasse Eka Darville
Jeri Hogarth Carrie-Anne Moss
Kilgrave / Kevin Thompson David Tennant
Pam Susie Abromeit
Wendy Ross-Hogarth Robin Weigert
Det. Oscar Clemons Clarke Peters
Young Kilgrave James Freedson-Jackson
Louise Thompson Lisa Emery
Albert Thompson Michael Siberry
Dr. Kozlov Thomas Kopache
Clair Danielle Ferland
Emma Gillian Glasco
Jackson Ryan Farrell
Donald Paul Pryce
E.R. Doctor Cherelle Cargill
Young Latina girl Katerina Holevas

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