Quote1 Believe it or not, there's supposed to be rules to this shit. Quote2
-- Cottonmouth

Appearing in "Code of the Streets"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story, flashback, and flashforward)


Synopsis for "Code of the Streets"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • The Gang Starr song the episode is named after is "Code of the Streets", from their album Hard to Earn. The song and episode both revolve around the criminal actions of young adults looking to make a name for themselves.
  • The songs featured in the episode are:


  • Luke is shown reading the Walter Mosley's book Little Green. The novel revolves around a man who has just woken up from a coma and who is looking for a missing boy. In the episode, Luke, who has just recovered from the coma that Jessica Jones put him in, goes on the search for Chico, by Pop's request.

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Character Actor
Luke CageMike Colter
Cottonmouth / Cornell StokesMahershala Ali
Detective Misty KnightSimone Missick
ShadesTheo Rossi
Councilwoman Mariah DillardAlfre Woodard
Henry "Pop" HunterFrankie Faison
Detective Rafael ScarfeFrank Whaley
Bobby FishRon Cephas Jones
Patricia WilsonCassandra Freeman
Wilfredo "Chico" DiazBrian "Sene" Marc
Lonnie WilsonDarius Kaleb
Shameek SmithJeremel Howard
ToneWarner Miller
Dante ChapmanHugues Faustin
NateSteven Ted Beckler
Jamel ShabazzCedric Benjamin
Young Adult CottonmouthElijah Boothe
Young Adult PopEdwin Freeman
ChaunceyPeyton Smith
TorreCamrus Johnson
Turk BarrettRob Morgan

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